Did I create a monster 

When we invited Finn into our lives, I wanted to raise him to be unafraid of the vacuum.  With all that shedding black fur, I knew I’d be vacuuming A LOT.

And so, for months I made sure that I never startled him with the cord, or bumped into him with the canister, or acted anything but super casual-cool about the noise. It worked! Look — there’s a dog relaxing on the couch while his human runs the vacuum — I was so proud.

But then one day he tossed the star toy down next to the canister and fool that I am, I flung it across the room.

You can guess the rest. Now every single time I start up the vacuum, he thinks it’s time for a game. It. Just. Took. One. Time.

(Noticing the speed of conditioning makes me fearful about how I dismiss a few less than exemplary moments of parenting (once? It just took once?)). But never mind. I can’t go there today. It’s sunny and 80 degrees out and I have the afternoon to myself.

9 thoughts on “Did I create a monster 

    1. deemallon

      Notes from God. What an idea. I’m afraid to say the mailbox (a handmade gift from a creative friend) only houses empty dog poop bags!

      1. Nancy

        When my kids were little they and my bonus kid used to write letters to God and leave ’em on the porch (kinda Santa style), but I don’t recall them ever getting a return letter 😉

  1. Mo Crow

    our family collie would drop his blue rubber bone into the swimming pool then bark ’til one of us kids dove in and retrieved it… a game of reverse fetch

  2. Michelle in NYC

    similar story only cat not dog….when a friends cat wanted to eat she knocked a can off the shelf and was fed (just once), and this is how they train us : –> 85 here but not so pretty.

  3. Jenny M

    yes, I think our dogs train us! My husband started to give our 2 dogs, a dog treat when we have a cup of tea in the evening, now every time the Cocker spaniel hears the kettle go on, he is in such a state of excitement waiting for his treat!

  4. Stephanie

    Oh yes, who is really in control in my home? Me or dog/cats? I imagine you can guess the answer. Finn’s happy grin is making me laugh.


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