White and grey catch up

These peonies bloomed for the first time in years. Gifts, I would say. They seem more like repositories of light than flourishes of cellular organic matter. At the Boston MFA’s Matisse show, I was taken with the shadows of one of the artist’s chairs. Later, with the similarities between peonies and chair-shadows. img_4159

On Wednesday, there was a hearing in Newton to consider a House Resolution asking Judiciary Committee to look into impeachment. I spoke. Lots of others did too. It passed.


img_3801Because one objection has been that impeachment is a matter best left on the federal level, I hunted for precedent and found one in the “History of Newton”, by Samuel Francis Smith. If you read the second sentence, swapping ‘the Trump presidency’ for ’embargo’, it sounds like something Charles M. Blow would say.


I repeated this quote (“My Name is Mary Sutter”, by Robin Oliveira), quipping that I’d like to tatoo it to Nancy Pelosi’s forehead.

On Thursday, I listened to Comey with friends and was impressed and captivated, to say the least, but started feeling ‘off’ around noon and left early.

Came home to a message that my sister had been hospitalized. This wasn’t a surprise — her doctors have been calling for her admission since late March — but still. Her oxygen levels were very low, but after a few days of high volume oxygen and an IV diuretic/catheter to take down swelling, she is much better. They ruled out pulmonary embolism and pneumonia.

Stories and stories dwell in diagnoses, don’t they? Entire lifetimes, in fact. These stories are better left untold for now, though for some reason on Sunday, I spent hours trying.

And now off for my weekly Local Indivisible Power tele-call. Then to the hospital. Then, GODDAMNIT, to the page! Well? Except at 2:00, there’s the weasel Sessions testifying. I don’t expect to be impressed. More like this: Finn slinking up the stairs while I hurl imprecations at the TV.

So, maybe tomorrow?

P.S. The lab work came back negative for both shingles and herpes and since it spread to my arm and since K. has poison ivy right now and since our dog traipses through a band of the oily stuff to get to the field where we play fetch and because I snuggle and kiss Finn constantly, I am now convinced I have a mild case of poison ivy, which makes more sense than a case of shingles with no other symptoms and negative lab work.


8 thoughts on “White and grey catch up

  1. Nancy

    Dee~ I feel so glad and proud of you for speaking. I’m afraid I’ am good only at ranting to J. and friends! Glad Newton saw fit to pass this. I’m sorry for the worry that comes with the care of your sister and that she is better now. This is the hard stuff of life.
    Sessions? He’ll lie. And did ya see the Love Fest dump held? Geez.

    1. deemallon

      by ‘Love Fest’ do you mean that creepier than creepy sychophantic ass kissing first cabinet meeting? so gross. he’s so gross.

      Ranting is good, by the way. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

      1. Nancy

        Ranting is good and I’d be ranting big time tonight, if anyone would listen…and that isn’t even related to the state of our country!!! lol
        And I meant that I was sorry for the worry and GLAD she is better now! lol Leave out one word…

        1. deemallon

          Well there is personal ranting, town ranting, and national ranting. As you know, I indulge in all three!

          Missed the typo. Thanks for the well wishes. She is doing much better today. Way better than I thought possible in fact.

          I had to take a call from the hospital and my DVR stopped the Sessions hearing before Sen Angus King and Kampala Harris (darn!), so I didn’t get to see it all. Still I made my weasel photo collages and ranted on twitter.

          What are you ranting about? Hope all is okay.

  2. RainSluice

    huh… I wrote a reply but it didn’t post. I wrote it from another computer on another network so maybe it didn’t work. and I made a copy of it b/c I’ve been having bad luck posting to WordPress lately but that is also on the other computer. Anyway, I’m very proud of you too! Awesome. I wish I could’ve been there. I hope a lot people heard what you had to say! Brava.

    1. deemallon

      Thanks, Mag! Sorry about the comment problem. I wonder if there’s anything I can do here to make it easier?


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