Baffled by soup

The soup was only okay in spite of good ingredients and the same steps that have produced outstanding results. That’s how it goes.

There’s basil, parsley, garlic, collard greens, cabbage, carrots, onion, chicken sausage and homemade chicken stock. Added hot sesame oil and a squeeze of lime at the end. Maybe the lime was a mistake? Unlike softer greens which can be thrown in at the end or even off heat, I wilted the collards and green cabbage in advance.


when I chop garlic, I chop enough for days

Sad to say, I broke my favorite knife in the process (the ceramic chef’s knife that was a Christmas gift years ago). I dropped it in a moment of distraction created by the hot handles of my Dutch oven. That made me decide to replace the damned pot (not the one in the picture) — in addition to poorly designed handles, its heat conduction is awful, producing side scorching and smoking olive oil routinely. Enough!

Besides, you should see the beauties I can get with frequent flyer miles!

6 thoughts on “Baffled by soup

  1. saskia

    shame ’bout the knife; strange how some tools grow on you, whilst others never feel quite right, even if they’re exactly the same

    just to let you know Dee how much I love coming here, your posts full of life, honesty, wit and all the unnameables cheer me up, make me think, help me feel connected
    so thank you x

    1. deemallon

      thanks, Saskia — I’ve been distracted by many things this summer and sorry not to be making the rounds… I appreciate your comment more than I can say.

    1. deemallon

      Moments of distraction — that could be the title of my memoir! I DO read your blog every day. I love it showing up in my mailbox. But because I’m on the phone, I’m not much for commenting.


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