Redemption and damnation

It’s hard not to think about redemption and damnation these days, almost routinely, like how we used to ponder nest eggs or outfits. Here are two collages that try to capture these extremes.

Redemption collage: “100 Years of Reflecting the Future.” The caption came from an ad in the centennial issue for Women’s Wear Daily —  a subscription purchased with airline miles. Believe it or not, I really enjoyed the industry rag, partly because my mother used to get it, partly because even though I’m a member of the fashion-impaired tribe (and the “I don’t really give a fuck” club), you cannot get away from the fact that clothing is constructed from cloth, which as you know, I love. Usually, the magazine words I come across are distractions or reductive labels, but these were provocative, so they stayed.

This collage references the anatomical heart and aging and asks some big questions.

The collage asks: who will save us? What will save us? Can anything? What future? Can this moment in our history be redeemed? Are there powerful forces of good in the ethers, and if so, how could they have so badly let the American people down?

Damnation collage. The figure below is damned for so many reasons. For one, she’s ill prepared for the elements. For another, in a landscape of grief and disaster, her concern for her appearance seems particularly superficial. She is stylish for sure, but seemingly ignorant of the rows and rows of graves behind her. And, can’t she smell the molten liquid burning up the landscape? Someone needs to tell her that lava will not be at all impressed with her strappy sandals. The fact that she reminds me of trump’s daughter Ivanka underscores the figure’s cluelessness.

10 thoughts on “Redemption and damnation

  1. Stephanie

    Your collages and questions are very provacative. I don’t think “powerful forces of good in the ethers” let the American people down. I think the American people let the American people down for a variety of reasons, complacency certainly being one of them. Even if one believes in God (and I do, though others may use a different name or definition), we are still responsible for our choices. How can a drowning person be rescued if they refuse to get in the life boat? Gun control laws in our country are one example. Dee, please forgive me for mounting my soap box. I appreciate your honesty about difficult issues.

    1. deemallon

      I totally agree with you. Fifty four percent of American women voted for Trump! A statistic I still find astonishing. And that is to say nothing of all those Rust Belt folks who voted against their self interest — persuaded by what? Bravado? Wealth? P.S. You never need to ask for forgiveness for sharing a well reasoned and heart felt point of view.

    1. deemallon

      I have yet to be able to internalize any of the three sources espousing “radical hope” : Junot Diaz, Rebecca Solnit, or Naomi Klein. Maybe I need to refer to one or another of them this week. Meanwhile a show I watched tonight used a Leonard Cohen song at the end of an episode. Talk about dark!

  2. snicklefritzin43

    Hearing your strong voice in your writing always invites me in to taste, feel, and let the words resonate their message. Thank you for your honesty.

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