Christmas trees and taxes

Who among my American readers has the possibility of dual citizenship? Are you thinking about it? Talked to one friend yesterday who is asking her mother to produce papers about Italian forebears.

I feel like wrapping my house in black crepe, but instead I guess we’ll go to Russo’s and get our tree.

On a much lighter note, I met B’s new kitties yesterday. What antics they got up to! In and out of empty boxes, leaping on newly rearranged side tables, snacking on house plants. This little prankster ended up flossing her teeth with my embroidery thread!

Lastly, I just registered for this Global Vigil. I figure if I can spend the first hour of my day (or is it almost two, now) reading awful, demoralizing news that only serves to enrage me and make me feel powerless, then maybe I can do this too. A half hour?

*first photo taken along Charles River near Harvard Square

7 thoughts on “Christmas trees and taxes

  1. RainSluice

    I’ve long since lost touch with my Canadian ancestors. Must continue here to fight the fight… which I hope you will too, Dee. As for the Millenials, they owe us nothing. However the youngsters spur me on with activism and give me hope. The Christmas tree, or any frangrant greens in the house, does revive the spirit – you remind me 🙂

    1. deemallon Post author

      Millennials owe us nothing but they owe themselves some sort of pledge to their own futures. On my to do list today: make sure both boys’ voter registrations are up to date, esp Ds in Colorado.

      Your first Christmas in your new home! ❤️

      1. RainSluice

        yes! our first new home Christmas! and yes, you’re right about Millennials (oh, that IS how you spell it)… b/c there’s really no way to know the whole story and, ya know yes what your wrote is well put.

  2. Laurie O'Neill

    Unfortunately we are one generation out from Irish citizenship on the O’Neill side, and two out on my side, and even if we weren’t we have no documentation other than my g-g-grandfather’s tombstone saying that he was born in County Cavan. The family legend is that he stowed away on a ship as a young boy. I’ve tried to trace my husband’s side back to Ireland for years – can’t find the source. Too many O’Neills!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yes. Tons of O’Neills! I think I learned in Genealogy Roadshow that the city hall housing birth, wedding and death certificates in Dublin had a terrible fire. I remember thinking that it would’ve destroyed my great grandparents info.


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