Another cold day

A coyote trotted along that fence line yesterday. Two sightings in a month! He was about Finn’s size, in seeming good health, and headed who knows where. I texted my neighbor to make sure their cat, Max, was inside. He was.

This cold spell makes a New Englander grateful for shelter. And for gloves, cars with heat, boots, down coats, felted hats, and fireplaces. Yesterday as I ran out for bagels and lox for the boys (you can’t beat Rosenthal’s!), I worried about the homeless. How awful this must be for them!

Tomorrow at the Patriots’ Home game, they are allowing blankets. Better yet, the team has offered to collect and launder the blankets afterwards and donate them to The Pine Street Inn — a day shelter in town. K and son number two will be watching from the comfort of our couch. Son number one will be back in sunny California.

Yesterday it was potato leek soup. Today it will be chicken, ginger, noodle and chic pea with tumeric. A restorative brew!

14 thoughts on “Another cold day

  1. Mo Crow

    chilling out seeing your beautiful snowy scene, it’s the last day of 2017 here in Sydney, 3am, hot & steamy, trying not to drip sweat on the white kid glove leather as I stitch each pentacle, reaching for the stars.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I add chopped greens, more turmeric, cilantro, ginger, chicken and coconut milk. With extra salt and a spritz of lime, it was warming and delicious.

  2. Michelle in NYC

    Minus 5 is predicted tonight here and it’s the whole Northeast plus slated to continue for weeks. Soup (mine is also ginger and tumeric laden) and sweet solace (whatever comforts) to you and all beings.

  3. Nancy

    Wow, wow, wow…I just don’t know how you cold weather folks do it! Brrrr…Thank goodness for soup!
    Of course, you could visit son number one in Cali! It was 84 here yesterday!

    1. deemallon Post author

      I try not to think too hard about California weather this time of year. Last February we went to Charleston. That was a nice break. I don’t think it was this cold last year.

  4. Sue Batterham

    Are you on Fahrenheit degrees? If so, that’s mighty cold; I feel for you all. We are at 24c today, lovely compared to 38c which I absolutely hate. Keep warm and drink up that delicious soup❄️

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yes Fahrenheit. This morning it’s -1 degrees. The dog won’t set foot outside just yet. The sun will bring a little warmth later on. Do you get humidity with your upper temps, too?

  5. Hazel

    I feel for you over there! My sister’s (in RI) furnace can’t keep up & doesn’t get above 58 in this kind of weather. I experienced it one winter, hopefully, never again! Love the Patriot’s blanket plan.

        1. deemallon Post author

          That’s the inverse of what I’d do before we got AC. I’d go to a movie mid afternoon or tramp around a mall, just to get cool.

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