Lament to writing prompt “burial”

These days, I could write a lament or a rant everyday (and some days, every hour). This one was a response to an in-class writing prompt on “things we bury”. At six minutes, it runs a little long (who do I think I am, anyway?). Tomorrow I’ll post the written version.

So just to place this in time. I wrote this four days after the Golden Globes and a few hours before learning about the “shithole countries” remark.

A couple caveats: the business about Oprah running for president is worthy of considered response. In this “Lament” there is merely a tossed off line about that. And though I’m sneering about the black gown business in this piece, I was actually moved and inspired by the solidarity expressed in the gesture.

Footnote: the Western referred to is “Godless“, starring Jeff Daniels and Michelle Dockery. Binge worthy Netflix viewing.

5 thoughts on “Lament to writing prompt “burial”

  1. Michelle in NYC

    Whew. It’s just like the Amherst Method-writing from prompts-my writing group works with. We often have a time limit like 20 minutes and we only meet for two hours so maybe two a session since if there are twelve of us and everyone reads….did you have a time limit? I’m in awe of the associations and how the beginning led to the middle led to the meat and then you were off without hesitation. Whew. You are a wonder. I could do with listening again but it’s 3AM and I’m spent. The elephants in boots just lumbered in from wherever they were this frigid night and I’ll be listening to them get into bed for a while. Goodnight.

    1. deemallon Post author

      It’s sounds like our Amherst Method class is the same. Two hours, two prompts, whoever wants to read, reads. We are smaller, nine, with frequent absences as one or the other travels, so often 8. Usually our first prompt is given more time than the second, so I might have 25 or even 30 minutes to write this, can’t exactly remember, but I’m sure it was a little more than 20.

      Ugh the thought of noisy upstairs neighbors!! My new thing is front and back neighbors leaving their flood lamps on all night. We have a bedroom with windows facing both front and back. But light is easier to block out than noise, for sure. Stay warm!! It got cold again yesterday.

      1. Michelle in NYC

        You might consider a line of fast growing trees – trying to recall the Italian evergreen that grows tall and thin. If I think of it I’ll post,,,,but it would cut the light in day too so that’s not a solution….20 degrees again. I will only go out for a walk to keep the blood flowing. Warm inside and I have no obligations or needs Today.

        1. deemallon Post author

          It would be easier and more effective to make myself some curtains with light blocking lining. Also those airline eye masks work well.

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