Geometry and Junk Drawers


Two free photo apps and a quilt picture and I could fiddle all day (PicFrame to combine images / Prisma for filters).

Monday, I like to get some cleaning and straightening done (is this how we’re referring to procrastinating these days?). I hadn’t intended to go on a tear but ended up organizing the kitchen drawer — the one we call “the vitamin drawer” even though it’s also the chap stick drawer, the dental floss drawer, and the spare key drawer.Most items were keepers, like the coins and rusty bits above, but a few items had to go — like the Teen Multi Vitamin with a “use by” date of 2010.  Found all my silver bracelets, which I had been vaguely missing, as well as a number of watches.

There were LEGO guys and a miniature warrior, as well as a Playmobile broom. And look at that tube of BB’s! I suspect that dates back to my husband’s childhood and I have no idea how it arrived in this drawer.

Next up was the blanket chest in the corner. Inside I found cloth, of course, and on top: a lot of paper (printed out chapters with beta reader comments and one of my research notebooks). None of it’s particularly essential at this point but the pile was a reminder of the dangers of shoving shit into closets and drawers when company’s coming — you may not see those things again for another couple of seasons!

8 thoughts on “Geometry and Junk Drawers

  1. Nancy

    Ah ha! I love seeing your found goodies! Isn’t that sell by date thing something…I think, I KNOW I’ve cleaned out this drawer not that long ago, how did I miss that?! I just threw away the little wrench thingy that locked down that strap that secured my daughter’s car seat!
    These top photos are so fun! Third one down…do you see that rock star in the upper left corner!

    1. deemallon Post author

      I don’t always attend to the sell by date esp of vitamins but I figure ten years is probably worth paying attention to. A car seat tool. Now that’s going back some for you, isn’t it? And no, I dont see the rock star. A specific rock star?

      1. Nancy

        The purpley one, top left…about a third of the way in…a mouth w/ teet – open a bit, a nose and some blondish hair w/ bangs – sorta shaggy.
        PS still not getting your responses, so please don’t think me rude.

        1. deemallon Post author

          I haven’t changed any of my comments section settings but will go in and check tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Hazel

    Congrats on your clean spaces! Did two kitchen drawers this summer, much of the same contents as yours, especially legos. Still in happy shock whenever I go in them. Growing up we actually called it the “junk” drawer.

    1. deemallon Post author

      We called them junk drawers growing up, too. But they were quite a bit messier. Besides, I’ve got two other drawers I the kitchen that could be called junk drawers. One is the pencil drawer and the other is the battery and cord drawer.


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