Morning after more finds

The sun streaming in. Seventeen degrees during dog walk. The cracked iPhone dropped off at Apple for repair. Rearranged living room to try out triptych. A delicious breakfast. I am avoiding the laptop. Avoiding. So I’ll go now and not avoid.

But first a quick Finn update: I’ve taught him to rollover. He’s soooo smart. Took three sessions!

11 thoughts on “Morning after more finds

    1. deemallon

      He really really is. When the apple store said I could bring him in when I returned to pick up my phone, I brought him along, thinking a lot about your post about service dogs. Finn is so attentive to me and well behaved — until he sees another dog. With enough distance and distraction I can almost always calm him but — it’s kind of a constant thing. I won’t say struggle because it’s kind of routine now. But we could never take him reliably in places where there are other dogs. So I could relate to both kinds of dogs that you described.

      1. Katrin

        I hear you on having a dog reactive dog, it’s a lifestyle of awareness. Glad Finn is so attentive to you and trusts to you help him stay calm 🙂


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