Dog walk and pin boards

There are a lot of words I could say. Like it’s 70 degrees.

Like: I resisted taking a book from this Free Library kiosk. Ta-da! (Don’t be impressed — it was mostly full of crap).

Like: the light is decidedly spring-like today. Or, I’m worried about one of my kids again. Or, my sister has inexplicably stopped ripping my head off and handing it to me (my theory? She’s a walk-in now).

Or: it’s crazy to hand quilt a blanket I won’t be able to charge much for and anything I DO charge will probably keep it from selling. Or: how good deadlines are but how loathsome selling is.

But! I’ve got to save most of the words for those other pages. Which are coming. Which continue to draw me in. Which I cannot wait to be able to share with you all.

10 thoughts on “Dog walk and pin boards

  1. tina

    Wow lucky you to have such nice weather … seems like just yesterday you had everything covered in snow. Here it’s still cold but had plenty of rain the last few days so much of our snow is gone as well. Love the quilts you’re working on. Your houses are the best …

    1. deemallon

      The temperature fluctuations are a little wild. Snow is forecast for tomorrow and twenty degree air for Friday, so I enjoyed being out today. Even did a little clean up in one of the flowers beds.

  2. Tina Zaffiro

    Your quilts have inspired me to sign up for a workshop by Pat Bishop workshop Abstraction Destraction … Woohoo woohoo excited.

  3. Mo Crow

    spring is in the air up there with a hint of autumn here in the Land Down Under!
    re selling work, think of a price that you feel happy with, then if it sells that’s fantastic and if it doesn’t you get to keep it, I love when my work sells especially to people I don’t know!

    1. deemallon

      That’s a formula for pricing I’ve used before. It works. You definitely don’t want to feel
      Sick at letting something go for too little.

      Is the garden season starting to slow down?

  4. Nancy

    I do believe I’ve given up on gifting baby blankets, they don’t seem to be appreciated, some not even used. Either I make crap or I know crappy people 😉

      1. Nancy

        Yeah, a friend said maybe they don’t want anything to happen to them, they are special to them…even though my quilts always are gifted with the note of ‘they are meant to be used and loved’ (or something like that). Oh well, to each his/her own. I love your quilts!


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