Sunday quiet

Thank you to those of you who chimed in on the post, “a great gust of wind.” I marked it ‘private’ this morning, sooner than I said I would.

Today I’m back to shrugging a bit and thinking, “it’s only money.” There’s more involved of course but the edge is gone — that never helpful edge.

Meanwhile, yesterday I destroyed this log cabin crib quilt by using the only functioning machine in the house right now to attach a satin binding. The tension is screwy. I’ve adjusted it repeatedly by sliding the top dial around but it’s time to get out the teeny screwdriver and adjust it at the bobbin level. Also, the needle is telling me it should be replaced — pop pop. It’s making too much noise when it enters the fabric. Every seam pulls and while I can pull back at the ironing board, it’s not always enough to remove the slight puckers. Very unsatisfactory.

It is grey and chilly and quiet, today. I plan to watch the Oscars. Do you? Next year I really have to do better. I think I’ve only seen three of the movies up for awards.

8 thoughts on “Sunday quiet

  1. Nancy

    Destroyed is a pretty strong word. You can fix it up if you want to, or just use it and enjoy it for the beautiful warm, yet spring-like colors and patterns you chose. I’d use it. Life is short. I guess I missed that post of yours, but I’m glad you are to a more comfortable place.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I was making the blanket for Open Studios so for now it feels like a loss but of course it isn’t. The binding can come off. And be redone. But probably not it time for the April sale.

  2. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) give yourself a treat and take that wonky sewing machine to the mechanic for a service, it will be running smooth as silk again in no time!

    1. deemallon Post author

      I know I know. Berlin’s fixers have to be certified and the guy I go to is 25 minutes south of highway driving. My other Bernini seized a while back. I’d love to have that one going too. What I like is to have one machine threaded with light thread and the other dark.

  3. Michelle in NYC

    Quiet here too. I destroyed nothing. Did nothing but sleep with no memorable dreaming. I think of days like this as medical retreats without bills. Now, the odor of chicken roasting in the oven and sounds of kids in the street are accompanying me through dusk. I will watch the Oscars though I’ve seen none of the films. I may even indulge in a snifter of lemon vodka saved from last years Holiday gifts and still in the freezer (vodka doesn’t freeze), a reminder of a a friend who is too far away to be shared with, and of Holidays dating back decades. Cheers to you.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Sounds like a heavenly day. I love hearing the kids playing in the dusk and smelling chicken roasting in the oven. Cheers back! Enjoy your drink. Ken’s away so I just had popcorn and a sliced apple for dinner. Yum! Ice cream later. I’m watching the red carpet now. I’ll admit to it being one of my favorite parts!

  4. Liz A

    We watch the Oscars every year, even though the only films we see are the ones we go to see with our pre-school grandkids. Usually the clips shown during the show reassure us that we haven’t missed much. This year, though, there was noticeable difference in tone (literal and figurative) that made it well worth watching. Change is afoot …

    1. deemallon Post author

      I agree about tone and it was done without clobbering people over the head with sanctimony. Kimmel was perfect for it given his recent willingness to speak out and his general straight man delivery. I’m gonna work my way thru some of the films on amazon prime. Shape of water. Three billboards. Saw Get Out and The Florida Project.


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