Onward and upward

Poster talk

I thought the March for Our Lives rally in Boston would be bigger than the Women’s March but not so sure at the time we left (early to get to The Paramount).

CNN: there is something decidedly different about this rally.

Me at home: yeah. Youth.

Me at Boston Common: and vaped pot.

The day warmed up beautifully. I squatted as part of a human obstacle for a street performer at Downtown Crossing which you may never see since K filmed it with a lovely view of my ass as I bent over.

And now a play. What a day!

11 thoughts on “Onward and upward

  1. Tina

    Truely an amazing day that will go down in history … this new generation Makes me feel incredible proud

    1. deemallon

      We had to leave before the marchers arrived but looking at footage now and it IS inspiring. DC had huge crowds.

  2. Michelle Skater

    WOOHOO the next generation and whoopie for the us and all who paved the way through the decades past. Let them, us, all the love and thoughtful care PREVAIL THIS TIME for all time.

  3. Nancy

    I was mostly home today and watched so much of DC on TV. It was so emotional…sad, uplifting…everything. These kids have a magic about them. One of them being interviewed somewhere said something about his ‘white privilege’ and I thought that is one of the things I liked best about the marches today…these kids reached out, everyone was included, not just school shooting victims…but all. All ages, genders, ethnicities, races, political parties, all affected/supporting…ALL.
    I reflected a lot on how my mama would have felt, as she taught 8th & 9th grade English for 25 years. She would have been blown away by their gifted speech writing and speak…their elegance, eloquence, their power! She would have said that they reminded her of her honors students in the 1970’s. Then I napped and she came to me.
    I was not out, but I was there. Finally some hope.

    1. deemallon

      Yes finally some hope. I missed the real swell of the March in Boston because of our two o’clock tickets, but I was glad to be there even for the early portion. Today’s podcast “The Daily” devotes most of its time to the need for this movement to include POC. To acknowledge their (unlauded, unfunded) efforts. I think there is even hope on that front.

  4. fiona

    From afar Dee, this march really struck me – because they ARE the ones who will vote differently and with purpose; and that the old politicians really do need to be worried – this movement is coming for them, and I feel hope emerging…


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