Summer sky

Look at that blue! They’re predicting temps in the 80’s for today and — hallelujah — we had the heat on two nights ago.

Finn and I took the long route this morning. I was listening to “Charm City” — a five part podcast about Baltimore policing on The Daily — and Finn was alive with Dog awareness. He didn’t bark at a single other dog. Perhaps the new jerky treats played a role?

4 thoughts on “Summer sky

    1. deemallon

      The fan is whirring. The kids are playing. The birds are feeding. The chipmunks digging. Ferns waggling in a soft breeze.

  1. Michelle Skater

    I’ve been checking here every day since your return from the getaway and Oh it was worth the wait. Glorious sky and happy dog! May you bask in the warmth if it stays a while :–) Here it’s been mild thank goodness since I’ve got to make it into Julys money before I get the New AC installed!


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