June flourish

We planted a new bush out front — a Sweet Bay Magnolia– to block a fairly recently denuded corner.

And look how this new Arbor Vitae nearly completely screens out the neighbor’s car! This is the view out our living room windows, so it matters.

I succumbed to an ad inserted in my Instagram feed. Yikes! What’ll happen next? But look at the sweet solar powered bird bath bubbler I got for under $15. After just a little sun, it shoots up a five or six inch spray.

So many plants thriving, I’ll try not to get too hung up on the climbing hydrangea that died this year (another victim of the black walnut?). Out back, we splurged and planted some decent-sized birches and a lovely large pine. They’re all beautiful and functional as screening and, as it turns out, economical because I no longer feel any urgency about replacing our fence.

Ciao! Off to watch the Belmont Stakes.

15 thoughts on “June flourish

  1. ravenandsparrow

    Your yard (and your street) look so calm and pretty. Are you a horse racing fan? Me too, somewhat. Go Justify!

  2. deemallon Post author

    Our yard looks prettiest in June — no question about it. As for quiet? No. Just this morning a crew arrived at the neighboring school at 6:30 to spray mulch under the play equipment with an incredibly loud sprayer. It went on for more than four hours. There’s yet another site in earshot being jackhammered — the last site cost us more than 30 weeks of peace of mind. Someone’s always doing tree work. This week a neighbor had an irrigation system put in. Aftercare at the school seems to think giving the kids drums is a good idea. I could go on and on. The good news is, the city clears out in the summer, school ends, and GAS POWERED LEAF BLOWERS ARE NOW BANNED FROM MEMORIAL TO LABOR DAY! My sister is the horse racing fan. We watched the Kentucky Derby this year while visiting K’s family and it was fun… so we’re doing it again, just the two of us. and yeah, a Triple Crown win would be wonderful.

    Justify DID IT!

  3. Tina Zaffiro

    Love when the green takes over with flowers here and there … everywhere. Such a beautiful yard you have.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks for the link! that was a beautiful horse! seemed to have muscles the others didn’t

  4. Liz A

    Thank you for sharing the green of an east coast summer … I do miss that. Here the temps are pushing toward triple digits with no rain in sight, so everything is going dormant and the view looks like a Wyeth winterscape.

    1. deemallon Post author

      yes, quite the contrast to your area. June is lush and green and we get to be witness to remarkable growth in a short span of time.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Ha ha. And thanks. The garden doesn’t seem to care one way or the other about noise either!


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