Weekend getaway

My home for the next three and a half days is in Plymouth, Mass. along with between seven and twelve other women, depending on the day. The house sprawls up three floors with bathrooms at every turn, but not surprisingly, the favorite spot for everyone is the east-facing porch.

The day is breezy. Not hot. Not cool. With that briny smell of the Atlantic.

I’ll finish the novel I brought along, cook a few dishes, enjoy conversation, walk on the beach, and if I’m lucky, compete in a couple of rousing games of Scrabble.

This was planned ages ago, but it turns out to be a well-timed respite after: two grueling days of planting trees (more on that later); suffering a minor crisis of confidence from which I have yet to fully emerge; and holding down the fort while K traveled around Asia for twelve days.

To end with a laugh, check out the snack I just set out. I’m calling it: Kitty Litter Surprise. It’s delicious organic pumpkin seeds and almond-coated dates, but oh what an awful presentation!

Enjoy the weekend! I’ll be back with more pictures later.

23 thoughts on “Weekend getaway

  1. Jen

    what a lovely and unique use for and way of displaying seashells. Love that “curtain”

  2. Liz A

    Love the checked floor in the first picture and that curtain that isn’t really a curtain looks like it makes wonderful shadows.

    Sounds like you will have an amazing stay at this place … I can well imagine the briny sense of it and sigh with the calm that comes with that remembrance …

  3. Diane Hartmus

    I am envious!!! I remember the first year when I was able to come. It is a great house and a great group! Enjoy!

  4. Angie Shipley

    Oooooh please, beam me up, Scottie!! That looks and sounds heavenly!! Enjoy every minute. 😎😎

  5. Michelle Skater

    Just to walk away from the familiar, leave the internet to fend for itself and get close to water in a setting where nothing belongs to you but yourself and a few possessions…Ah, perfection.

    1. deemallon

      Well obviously not completely walking away from the internet. But more than usual. The moon rise was a brilliant orange. I hope you saw it in NYC.

  6. ravenandsparrow

    Ha ha…kitty litter surprise…I’ll bet it tastes pretty good. I’m so glad you have the chance to get away to such a lovely spot. Rest well.

    1. June Wildflower

      Ha! You could call that…hey, look what I found!
      I just had a brief daydream about what it would be like to live in a house like that. Maybe someday I’ll get to live by the ocean.
      Enjoy your vacay! It sounds FAB.

  7. Fiona

    What a fabulous space and time out for you Dee – hope that it was all that you wanted and needed.


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