Solace and Perspective — (2)*

Solace came this morning, listening to a death-themed “This American Life” and making the rounds with Finn — enlivened by the chill quiet of morning hours.

Solace came last night in the stretch of light in the evening as we approach summer.

Perspective came when I came across two quotes jotted down at some point (from podcast On Being):

“Your level of true belonging can never be greater than your willingness to stand alone… I kind of hate that it’s true, but it’s just what I found”.

And a working definition of ‘civility’:

“Civility is claiming and caring for one’s identity, needs, and beliefs without degrading someone else’s in the process.”

Thinking about mortality offers perspective too: how I am approaching the age-year of my mother’s passing (she was 62; I’m almost 61 and a half; I’ve already outlived my father by seven years); thinking about the heart as a pulsing muscle with a finite number of beats to beat (beat beat). What do I want my beating heart to fuel?

Lastly, a pearl of wisdom from the Tarot, where The Devil showed up in two back to back readings: “The main thing holding you back is your belief that something is holding you back”.

*this is a stripped down version of this morning’s post. I made the other one private.

10 thoughts on “Solace and Perspective — (2)*

  1. Michelle Skater

    Wisdom dominates your choice of what to keep private and your have chosen potent items to post here. I am very much on your page. I actually expected to die by fifty which was when my father died, then by 69 which is when my mother died and now I’m seventy five! Weekly meditation with Zen contemplative care folks is all about death in a way and yet so full of living you’ld hardly know it.

      1. Michelle Skater

        That’s nice to know, but where are you. I keep looking for a new post and maybe I just don’t realize it’s not been that many days (4)….Hot? It was hot today and tonight the temperature is dropping into the sixties! The sunset over the Hudson was glorious…and there’s a full moon too!

  2. June Wildflower

    Gorgeous photo of the near-gone tulip. I never thought I’d live past 18. I know why now, but am still surprised sometimes to find myself in my 40s. My grandmother lived to be 95. Wouldn’t that be something.

  3. Mo Crow

    what a beautiful tulip, I love how even on the strangest days just slowing down to look at a flower can bring such peace & calm to the heart of the matter


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