Skip the lettuce

Every now and then I like a salad without lettuce. Here’s tonight’s version:

Diced base of green pepper / Small chunks of half a tomato / two celery stalks, chopped / 3 Tbs diced red onion / small handful of chopped endive / half a chopped avocado / one small cuke, peeled and chopped / chopped herb (cilantro or parsley).

Tasty with all kinds of dressings but my favorite is a tangy vinaigrette.

This is a single serving.

* * *

Great opportunity opened up last night: got a space at a writing retreat. I had moved on it late. It was full. Forgot about it. And then: ta da! I was first on the waiting list and a spot is mine!

Not only is it being held in my old stomping grounds just outside of Northampton in central Mass., it’ll be DAYS dedicated to writing and feedback. The timing couldn’t be better!

Brutally hot here again. Finn and I started our day in the lake!

I’ll be taking about a week-long break here.

14 thoughts on “Skip the lettuce

    1. deemallon Post author

      No to Finn.

      We’ll hire extra dog walks for Monday and Wednesday. We already have a walker who comes on tuesdays.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you, Tina. Will let you all know how it goes! I made my salad with cilantro, but it’d be just as yummy with parsley — I know a lot of people don’t like cilantro.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you, Patty. The retreat is being held up in the hills west of Northampton, where I lived while going to UMass. I really love it out there. Definitely miss those hills!

  1. Joanne

    Hi Dee– I just found your blog– I love a chopped salad bowl–mine starts with apple, celery, carrot and then whatever I have–radishes, pecans, pumpkin seeds. Now that I have some cucumber in the garden–I will see if I like that texture as well.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Hi Joanne. Welcome! Sorry for this reply’s delay. As mentioned I was away. A little unplugged. You remind me to include apples! Pumpkin seeds! I have both on hand. Going in tonight’s bowl. Thanks.

  2. Saskia

    congratulations! wishing you an inspiring week with lots of joyous interludes amongst equally motivated writers
    I too love the lettuce free salads….we eat salad every day!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you Saskia. Home now. It was very very hot but the group was wonderful and I got to listen to some pretty amazing writing.


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