6 thoughts on “Walking the dog

  1. Karoda

    Oh, its good to know you are still here. IG is fine and all but not much of a conversation and FB is too crowded. I am checking my blog links to see who is still speaking this way. I really miss the days when I would settle in with a pot of coffee and check on blog friends for two hours or so most mornings. I hope to get back centered and reconnect this way. Peace.

    1. deemallon

      Hi Karen. I totally agree about FB though I’ve liked being able to see what your projects are on Instagram. Are you still blogging? If so I’ll add you to my sidebar.

  2. Michelle Skater

    Loved walking with you and seeing through your keen eyes. Balmy here in Manhattan September 1st. Walked a lot and the breeze enlivened me despite the grey cast. A storm hovers. All’s well.


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