Hello Fall

The sedum rouged up in a hurry. And two of the small Rose of Sharon trees that I’ve been nurturing along are blooming for the first time.

Met with some old dear friends yesterday: Candy, Chris, and Tara. Elizabeth and Barbara joined us by phone. An old circle made new. It was reviving. Necessary.

Peggy over at Woman with Wings (sidebar) has inspired me to make some tinctures with a few of the massive comfrey leaves in my yard. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Fall!

6 thoughts on “Hello Fall

  1. Tina

    Nothing better than being with dear friends. I just returned from a weekend in Iron Mountain with 6 quilting friends. We are lucky in that one of the ladies has a lake home and invites us to all come once a year for a long weekend. What is that plant that gives you such big amazing textured leaves?

  2. Nancy

    Oh…that beautiful flower! And nothing like friendships that bloom again and again for years! What a life garden you’ve nurtured and grown!

    1. deemallon

      A nice analogy! The rabbits are a few of my little transplants, so I’m very happy to see these starting to thrive. Thanks again for that book post, BTW.


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