Villages and lies

There has been something compensatory, soothing even, hand stitching on two village quilts while listening to the Kavanaugh hearings.

But perhaps not compensatory enough. I felt sick last night while going to sleep. Worried about it a little. It is the first time since November 2016 where I truly thought I might need to stay away from the news for a while.

The gasbags of the patriarchy, otherwise known as the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, were no easy listen. I’ve tweeted, posted on FB, talked with friends, texted and DM’d in real time. Thank goodness for those connections. That humor. That shared outrage.

But this morning, waking to the first sun in ages, I’m typed out about it all. Here are a few highlights.

(Well, certainly not a “quarters game”).




It was a good week to send my first 20 postcards to voters.

Enjoy your weekend, all. Today is a day to get out in the fall air with K and the dog. Tomorrow we’re seeing a play called “The Niceties.”

9 thoughts on “Villages and lies

      1. Mo Crow

        this worldwide corporate coup thinks it can call all the shots, they are dinosaurs and will have their day of reckoning when ecocide is a crime in the not too faraway… call me an ostrich with her head in the sand….

  1. Nancy

    Watching her and him made me so sick, for different reasons. I could not watch his rage. The guy is off most news right now. However, we ARE enjoying the Japan channel. We just watched “Cool Japan”, which had an episode about bamboo, forests and a master flute maker. It was so interesting. We’ve recently watched other shows and always come away with a sense of calm. TV therapy?

    1. deemallon Post author

      You remind me of my recent trip to the Japanese Garden I. Portland Oregon. Never have I been in a crowded public space that was so infused with peace and calm!

  2. RainSluice

    It IS sickening. I’ve taken listening to the “GasLit Nation” podcast to feel re-affirmed as a normal female member of society. I let them rant for me – nothing to be proud of, simply letting someone else spew the rage I should be spewing myself! All that makes me unable to sleep by 3am in a semi-nightly basis so I struggle to focus on being a responsible adult myself due to sleep deprivation. Its just too endlessly sickening. We are doing a house concert fundraiser this week for Andy Kim who is running against Tom MacArthur. Its hard to even type the name of this gasbag lying anti-democratic creep MacArthur. We need Andy Kim to replace MacArthur. We’d need Andy Kim no matter what, he’s simply a responsible representative of the people without even having been elected yet. Anyway, this is something we are doing that feels real. Next is door knocking on the weekends… best of luck in your neighborhood and god-willing we all rise together against this widening devastation.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Supporting good candidates by canvassing and holding fundraisers are such positive
      Steps and I thank you and all the others doing this work. Jeff Flake is in Boston this morning and the Mayor has called for a protest — at City Hall Plaza, like the last one. Right now. Im at home — will write more postcards. It’s not a lot, but it’s something.

      I’ve listened to Gaslit Nation and been impressed. The style of the guys on Pod Save America does a better job of speaking for me — not just their dropping of the F bomb now and again, but the pace of the exchange. This last week, tho, they were impaired by their schedule, which did not allow for real time response. A day delay last week was way too long!


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