Blaze of color

Look how lit this patch of woods is! A blustery rainy day. They’re calling it a Nor’easter but it’s not much of a storm.

I listened to “Gaslit Nation” while out with Finn. Came home and hung some more winter curtains.

Friends are coming over to write postcardstovoters in an hour. Solidarity in action. Today: Phil Bredesen of Tennessee and Stacey Abrams of Georgia, again.

Meanwhile, yesterday I went back to that empty house. Went upstairs this time and yes it felt slightly transgressive. A little spooky. Another post for another day — maybe Halloween?

9 thoughts on “Blaze of color

  1. ravenandsparrow

    How lovely the autumn leaves are, on the trees and on the ground. We don’t get as much foliage coloration on this coast, but there are always a few stellar performers. It is encouraging when the descent of the light produces beauty to rival the ascendancy of spring. Nice pumpkins and chrysanthemums on the porch steps. Is that your house?

    1. deemallon

      No. I have pumpkins and mums too but that’s a neighbor. Yes to fall rivaling spring. I was struck by how much light all the yellow was reflecting.

  2. Angie Shipley

    That first picture is absolutely radiant!! I want to walk into it and stay there, beneath that golden glow. Finn has a piece of my heart…

      1. Angie Shipley

        Thank you for asking about Randy’s surgery. They postponed the surgery again today. He ended up in the hospital on October 12 for 5 days with pneumonia and sepsis, along with a host of other issues. Now, they are trying to remove fluid from his body. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to check his kidney function and chest xray to make sure he doesn’t have a recurrence of pneumonia.

        1. deemallon

          Oh dear. Sounds stressful and serious. I hope the lungs are clear so that the surgery can go ahead. Hang in there!

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