Cutting, cleaning, plotting

Cutting. Cleaning. Drawing lines to plot a pieced pair of structures. Not my strong suit which is perhaps why I keep at it. Keep unearthing very nearly finished pieces. They are in a pile just vibrating with intention. A private turning point this week with respect to : source and succor.

Perspective is hard for me. Never really learned it. I can hang a wall of pictures without a ruler and it’ll look better than if a designer’d done it. Not so perspective! I wish getting just the right angle to suggest depth was as easy.

The flat facing building presents no tricky element, except the tiny triangular roof shadows near the eaves.

But the angled building is another story.

One vow (based on previous struggles): to ensure I have enough fabric to easily render the foreground, the sky, and the mid ground. How often I haven’t! As someone not skilled at this, I want to be able to rely on the constancy of fabric to suggest continuity of element.


I’m going to push myself to finish three small wall quilts this weekend. How about you? What are needing to push yourself to do?

Tomorrow: my first ever guest post! A poem about the fires from fellow writer. Stay tuned!

PS. We still have snow on the ground! Here’s the view from the library where I sat to write yesterday. Hawk and raccoon came for visits!

27 thoughts on “Cutting, cleaning, plotting

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you. Since these fabric pieces may end up being gifts, I can count this as holiday prep too. Smart of you to get a jump on cleaning.

  1. Nancy

    I love this different look of cloth for you. I can barely draw a box any more. Maybe I should practice. This weekend I am pushing myself to get all (or most) of the cloth done for Mo’s project and get some next weekend stuff done. But first, the beloved mamogram 🙂

    1. deemallon Post author

      Good luck with the Boob Shots. I hope you ask for the thyroid collar. I hope everyone asks for the thyroid collar.

      Can’t wait to see your contribution to Mo’s project.

  2. Sue Batterham

    Hope you get your quilts finished. I’ve been weeding Dave and Claire’s garden, it’s been totally out of control during the pregnancy. As for perspective “no can do “.

  3. Tina

    Just woke from a 2 hour nap .. guessing my need to .. want to list is just waiting or me to get going. Getting my grocery list for Thanksgiving Dinner needs my attention a well as some more cleaning. Got my carpet cleaned last week .. woohoo .. always a good time for some furniture rearranging. Have also been working on some Christmas gifts .. even putting out a few decorations. Sending warm hugs and big Blessings.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’ll be getting some Christmas decorations down from the attic into the garage tomorrow. I want to let some of them go and have time to get them to Savers in time for someone else to enjoy them.

      1. Tina Zaffiro

        That is totally what got me going .. ran into a lady at the thrift store buying a couple old glass ornaments. Knowing I had a big box full somewhere in my basement I asked for her name and number. A week later after going through all my Christmas stuff and a phone call … I was thrilled at how happy she was to give so many of my old things a new beginning. It was a total win .. win.

  4. ravenandsparrow

    I am going to push myself to get a design going for my sister’s summer table. It has been eluding me. Also, Christmas. What the heck am I going to do?
    I love the scramble of cut pieces…they seem to pick up life as they reassemble. Perspective is quite technical. If I need it I make a drawing using vanishing points and rulers and then trace over it freehand, paying attention to the shapes of the negative spaces to free it from its straightedge prison. If I was making a pattern I would stick with the rulers as I cut it out because all my cloth work tends to get wonky in spite of my care.

  5. Victoria Davis

    Not saying I know how to draw, but your roof is too big. The back end of it needs to be dropped down from the top at the back end. And the side wall needs to be smaller too. Maybe measure it instead of just look at it? [my mom always disliked that part of art school, which is probably why she drew trees and rocks.]

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks for offering your eye. I think I’ll dig out the tracing paper, rather than measuring (something else I’m terrible at!). It’ll then be good to compare to the rough drawn one and see where it is too big, high, etc.

  6. Liz A

    Me being me, I’d stitch those triangular shadows under the eaves rather than piece them … ha! But yes, tracing paper makes good sense. And I love that my printer/scanner/copier can reduce and enlarge images to the size I want/need. You could even copy the image itself and cut the paper into pieces to use as templates.

    And I do appreciate seeing your process of cutting up a piece and rearranging it various ways … something I want to try.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Stitching the eaves -/ what a good idea. I can get weirdly purist about piecing: which makes not sense when you consider what a nonpurist I am in virtually every other regard.

      I’m thinking, with the help of all these comments, that maybe an original with both a front facing and a side facing building isn’t a good one to practice with.


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