Teeny preview and garbage pick up

Re: Etsy

I’m swearing that this time I’ll be organized. It used to be when something sold I’d panic because half the time I had no idea where the object got off to. Can you imagine?

In this house, with windows everywhere and decorated walls, taking professional-looking product shots is challenging. Not this time! I’m going to dedicate one of the boys’ rooms to photography. Whee! Lights and props out (and left out) is a prescription for ease.

I have a notebook ready for pen and paper notes. No more languishing listings! But more to the point of a well-groomed shop, everything’s gonna be done on my phone. That’s how I know it’s gonna be different. A whole new level of access and attention!

(As readers here might know, I have an inexplicable aversion to sitting at the desktop).

Hospital update: it looks like N might be staying through the weekend. Longer than I expected. While her new subsidized housing is great, with the move she lost the neighbors who used to check in on her cat. Damn!

The nurses and doctors are taking good care of my sister. That’s something to be grateful for.

Lastly, walking Finn an hour ago this happened: a big green monster of a garbage truck barreled past on its hungry quest for abandoned Christmas trees. Usually these trucks leave a malodorous trail. Imagine my delight to smell balsam instead — great heady wafts of it lasting the entire block.

AND, just as that pleasant sensation unfolded at street level, a red tailed hawk flew directly overhead, close — just above the power lines.

How about that?

9 thoughts on “Teeny preview and garbage pick up

  1. Tina

    Alright Alright Alright .. you got this babe. I’m excited for you and all of us that will get to visit your Shop .. woohoo

    1. deemallon

      Woo hoo is right! I think this post has a record number of exclamation points!!! It’s time to put stuff out there again. It’s also a healthy distraction.

  2. Nancy

    Well, aint things grand! So, you have to trek over for the cat? I’m glad she is getting the care she needs. When I was selling on local FB pages, I created a word doc chart with everything I’d need to know (date, item, price asking, price got, name of purchaser…) It helped to track the $ and to be able to look back and say, “Oh yes, this person bought from me last year, now I remember!” Best of luck with your shop!

    1. deemallon

      The tracking doc is a great idea! I may copy it — only in excel. But during measuring, jotting materials, and photographing paper is good

  3. Anonymous

    Etsy is pretty good at letting you know everything. I just keep everything I have for sale in one place and rummage through it when I get an order. That’s not to say I’ve never misplaced ( ie lost!) something that was ordered.


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