Friday before the snow

My sister is cheered. The hospital turkey burger was delicious. They’ve dropped talk of rehab. Maybe a Monday release?

I’m relieved too. The earlier call had been spiked with overheard hostility. Taking on the entire staff, she was, refusing PT, objecting to turkey with no mayo.

I boarded the cat yesterday after a full morning of cleaning my sister’s apartment. Maddy the Tuxedo is in the very building where we adopted Jack all those years ago, poor little ballsy Jack whose first act as a family member was to piss all over my elder son’s ankle. At the time it seemed a bit of an outrage. Now I wonder if he wasn’t marking C as his own.

Dog people — what do you make of that?

A pewter sky portends snow. They’re saying some amount, then freezing rain. I’m wishing I’d wrapped our arbor vitae. Maybe tomorrow? I could use yards and yards of fabric from my stash, making the precaution double as a ‘fabric installation’. Then again, I might do nothing.

Meanwhile, I have friends to thank for getting through what at times feels like an ordeal. Thank you.

In closing let me say, I think I finally believe the twitter prognosticators who say the shoe is about to drop. What an avalanche of bad news for the poor fucking fool at the top!

14 thoughts on “Friday before the snow

        1. deemallon

          No, it’s that they’re situated next to the power line to the house and when they’re heavy with snow they bend right onto the wire. Many a storm I’ve been out there with a rake shaking the snow off of these ten foot trees (often right into my head!)

  1. Michelle Skater

    Glad you made it through and things are looking ‘up’ (?) You are gold so far as duty and goodness goes. And having a long time many-dogs companion, not knowing the details, I’d say it was fear. But I just gotta say in closing that any talk of impeachment leads to Pence and that’s a worse row to hoe.

    1. deemallon

      Have you listened to Maddow’s podcast on Agnew called ‘Bagman’? It’s historic but an interesting roadmap for how it might go getting rid of pence first. Trump second. Pence has never been interviewed which suggests he’s a subject or target of the investigation. He has lied constantly about what he knew or didn’t know.

        1. deemallon

          More and more I feel that even relying on Mueller to bring all the criminals in the trump family to justice is a form of false optimism. I hope I’m wrong about that.

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