And she’s gone

Yesterday, holding her hand as she struggled to breathe, my sister looked up and said, “Oh look! An angel just fell through the ceiling!”

Just got the call.

It’s over. She’s gone.

Autocorrect typed she’s “fine.”

I hope she’s that, too. After so, so much struggle. Her whole life, really.

Go with the Angels, Noreen.

33 thoughts on “And she’s gone

  1. Marti

    Arms around you Dee as you go through this time of sadness and mourning. My heart is with you and your family.

  2. Laurie

    Dee, I know that this is a release for both of you. I am sorry for your grief. Remember that you did all that you could. Peace be with you.

  3. snicklefritzin43

    Holding you, dear Dee in love and light as your sister is no longer struggling so. May peace and love wrap around you.💖💖

  4. Nancy

    Oh Dee. I am soo sorry for this loss, for the layers of feelings to move through. May you find peace, know comfort and bask in the love and care of your friends (near and far) and family. I think of you with deep love and friendship. xo

  5. Michelle Slater

    First and last – only love.
    Second – what an exquisite Memorial pouch.

    (I recall that with each close human death-father, mother, lovers, friends and companion animals-of the past 76 years, I felt grief and relief as one.)

  6. Anita

    I you find great peace now, knowing you did everything you could do to help her through the difficult time. Now is time for you–be very kind to yourself Dee, that’s the important thing now. Hugs, Anita.

  7. Hazel

    I’m so sorry, Dee. After all that you gave, I hope that you find many ways to take care of you now. Love and thoughts for and to you.

  8. Saskia

    so sorry for your loss, you have been and remain a wonderful sister…..I have come to know Noreen through your heartfelt stories here
    thank you for that
    love xx

    1. deemallon

      Thank you Saskia. K and I picked up her ashes today. They’re in the other room under a glass star and some of her crystals.


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