Assisi sunny Wednesday

Town is mobbed. Roaming packs of teenagers, hooting and hollering at all hours. Middle-aged tourists. Nuns and brothers. The daily walks produce one spectacular view after another.

This little alley (above) leads to my door.

Much ruthless editing going on here. Chucking a lot of shit straight into the “extras folder” (that is, the dust bin).

It is a relief to be somewhat away from the news, although I check online a few times a day. Impeachment feels more and more urgent. What say you?

10 thoughts on “Assisi sunny Wednesday

    1. deemallon Post author

      They are so so warm. And the smell of lavender outside shops specializing in the herb is wonderful!

  1. kathy dorfer

    Great photos ! We just saying that this must a holiday for kids .
    I keep hoping he has heart failure ☺️

  2. snicklefritzin43

    The variety of colors and textures in the many stones used for walls, walls, fences…juxtaposed with massive collections of pots often brightly glazed, filled with greens and flowers is a visual treat. What a glorious day💖💖

  3. Deborah Lacativa

    I was stunning by those cascading yellow roses, then I read Eileen’s comment on impeachment! She wins the internet and had better make a meme of that right away!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Yeah I loved that tweet which is why I included it. I’ve seen versions of it before, always to much satisfaction.


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