Photo potpourri

Above: blessing of the food the afternoon before Easter. Interior shot of a Marist sanctuary. Interior of San Rufino showing the statues of Mary and Jesus back where they stay most of the year. St. Francis Basilica plaza and exterior (and drawing). Quilt WIP and Deb’s threads.

These pictures don’t get to yesterday, Easter Monday, which included a field trip and a visit with a journalist. Lots of thoughts. But after two days of activities and distractions, today I must work and so bye!

15 thoughts on “Photo potpourri

  1. snicklefritzin43

    Another beautiful day to share the journey with you. The repetition of arches was a special gift. Thank you.


  2. Liz A

    I love seeing your cloth soaking up the essence of Italy … and surely there will be future cloths that echo some of the incredible images here …(that landscape …)

  3. Jenny M

    such beautiful architecture. The photos of the cards – did you take that inside a little printing shop in Assisi? If that’s the business I think it is, my husband & I have been in there…even though we can’t speak Italian, my hubby had a ‘conversation’ with the owner, as we have a printing company. There was lots in common, his business was a family business & so is ours, names of printing presses were mentioned and lots of hand motions to explain how wonderful we thought his work was.

    1. deemallon

      The printer/artist I spoke to was a woman but the language barrier was pretty great. The shop is on one of the spokes coming off the central plaza and leading up to San Rufino.


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