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A quiet day

Two friends came by to pick up masks. One brought an exotic jar of honey filled with pistachios and hazelnuts. The other brought a pot of pansies. How thoughtful and nice! With B, we sat there on chairs outside and talked for a while. It was chilly but so great, this ordinary thing. Visiting.

Now that I have a schedule for writing, the tension about making masks has virtually disappeared. I’m about halfway through my list.

I miss the boys today. Somewhat acutely. Though not religious, we made a big deal out of Easter. Baskets of chocolate, an elaborate spring dinner, statues of rabbits on windowsills.

Adios and Happy Easter!

Tomorrow I’ve been invited to my first-ever Seder. By Zoom, of course. Here’s an incredible prayer that a Jewish friend sent round.

Photo potpourri

Above: blessing of the food the afternoon before Easter. Interior shot of a Marist sanctuary. Interior of San Rufino showing the statues of Mary and Jesus back where they stay most of the year. St. Francis Basilica plaza and exterior (and drawing). Quilt WIP and Deb’s threads.

These pictures don’t get to yesterday, Easter Monday, which included a field trip and a visit with a journalist. Lots of thoughts. But after two days of activities and distractions, today I must work and so bye!

And there were rays

 Happy Easter or Passover! We just had a delicious roast chicken up in Salem with my sister. The wind was cold and blustery earlier, when I took Finn to the Upper Field, but the snow drops have emerged on the south side of the house and most of the snow out back is gone. For the holiday, I treated myself to daffodils and some potted hyacinth. Now, to finish the celebration — a little chocolate!

slow and easy

I am feeling a little washed out, not unlike my plaster buddies.  Tired from being on my feet yesterday, and possibly fighting whatever C. has had all winter.  HE is on antibiotics as of this morning.

It is a good day to putter about cleaning, and to sit and stitch.  The first season of Project Runway (borrowed from the library) is calling my name.  I’m hooked.

This landscape below is comprised of several split woven squares, as well as a ‘practice’ house for a commission made last year.  The silk sky looks horribly flat next to the weavings, and received a nice oily blotch during pinning.  So, it will be covered or removed.  But later.