Rosemary round up

I forgot the rosemary yesterday when we walked over to the grocery store and picked up a leg of lamb. My bad. So I drove over early to pick some up. Also my bad.

How could I forget that my grocer stocks their produce aisles from 8:00 to 9:30?

The place looked like it might the day before a blizzard. Ravaged. Marked by emptiness.

There was no rosemary. Not a single stinking sprig. No lemons. No green beans.

Who thinks that’s a good business model? (And who am I to expect their business model to conform to my need?)

I next headed down Route 9 to another grocery store to fill the gaps in my list, which you need to understand is decidedly not my style. In fact, it is so not my style that when I listen to a friend, probably “a shopper” but not necessarily, describe going to multiple shops to get what they were looking for, it’s as if I’m listening to someone from another planet. I’d rather wear something that doesn’t fit. Or go without.

See: my five-year-old bathing suit.

I am already annoyed, but it just so happens I’m wearing socks like slide. You know the ones — every twenty or thirty steps or so you need to reach down and tug them up or you’ll soon find a naked heel meeting the inside of your shoe.

The question could be: why do some socks do this? But heading down the long dairy aisle for vanilla ice cream and bending to tug, I realized the question could just as easily be: why don’t ALL socks do this?

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles rosemary grows in freaking HEDGES. I can’t help but look back and find a couple of pics.

Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates! I’m off to marinate my lamb in rosemary, parsley, oregano, thyme, lemon, olive oil, and tons of garlic.

7 thoughts on “Rosemary round up

  1. Marti

    After too many times of realizing, at the last minute, that i did not have rosemary, oregano or sage, (not too fond of the dried stuff), I now grow it pretty much year round. Some years I can winter the herbs over but this place does not have great light so as soon as I know frosty nights are over, I plant herbs in the ground and in pots as I did this week on good Friday.

    Happy “egg-ubertant” greetings of the day De. Your leg of lamb sounds so much like the one I make, with the exception of lemon. When we visited Greece and had spit roasted leg of lamb, I learned that they use lemon but I make my leg of lamb, just like my Mom did and she also,in the last 20 minutes of so, splashed it with some good red wine. Leg of lamb just calls out for rosemary, garlic and parsley. It was our go to Easter dinner when I was growing up. In fact, it was our go to main meal, very often, especially after mass on many Sundays,and was always served when our local Irish priest, Monsignor Moynihan would come to lunch.

    When I married, my husband was used to ham for Easter, had never really discovered the luscious taste of lamb but I soon made him a convert…we do have ham some times for Easter but this year, well, R wants a steak, he doesn’t get beef very much anymore so good wife that I am, I said sure, but you have to cook it. We will have baked potatoes with Greek yogurt and chive topping, asparagus, because you just have to have asparagus in spring. No chocolate bunnies or Cadbury creme eggs, a treat that our British son in law introduced us to, but there will be yellow cake, with a dab of whipped cream that will be topped with strawberries.

    Now re the hassles of socks: always had the slipping problem whenever I wore low cut anklet socks so I stopped wearing them and now wear crew socks in spring and knee length socks in winter.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’ve tried to overwinter Rosemary in the house and failed many times. And of course around here, the growing season starts well after Mother’s Day.

      Steak and potatoes with yogurt and chives sounds delicious. I made us a spring cream of asparagus soup yesterday so I’m opting for slivers of carrots, green beans, and onions with potatoes on side. And yes! Red wine for the cooking. This was always the meal I asked my mother to make when she asked for a favorite, like for my birthday.

  2. Tina

    How is it possible that at 70 I can honestly say I’ve never had lamb .. sounds like I’ve missed out on a delicious meal. As for herbs I always plant a little herb garden but here too sadly we have a short growing season although my chives wintered well and are ready to be added to recipes when needed. Have a wonderful meal .. sounds delicious 😋

  3. Nancy

    I miss my rosemary plants (at the duplex). I planted them so long ago and loved watering them and having the scent rise up!!
    I no longer physically shop around. If they don’t have it, I don’t need it…but I can see that you needed particular food items. All of those seasonings and green beans – oh I miss those!
    I despise those kinds of socks! I choose socks with intent for that NOT to happen!! haha
    Enjoy your Sunday and Sunday meal.

  4. Liz A

    I have a love/hate relationship with rosemary … love the flavor, but seems to trigger a simmering allergic reaction … that said, we did have rosemary at the Hill Country house that flowered all year long … these days, I make do with containers of chives and thyme, that both overwinter and basil, which just got planted … sometimes parsley and mint join the party, but cilantro bolts too quickly to be worth the trouble, especially when I can buy fresh bunches for 35 cents at the grocery

    love the last image in your post … a wonderful vignette (which isn’t exactly the right word, but it’s the one that came to mind)


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