Something like normal

Forty five degrees but not raining — we’ll take it! Looks like the down vests might be staying out until Memorial Day this year.

House is settling down some. I’ve emptied four more boxes from the garage and also neatened our sitting room so that it’s slightly more liveable, even with piles and crates of my sister’s things.

It would be MORE back to normal today if we weren’t off to Colorado this weekend. Son #2 will be working most of the visit which is one of those bad things/good things but mostly good thing because it means he has a full time job. This visit, for the novelty of it, we’re staying in Denver instead of Boulder.

I’ll leave you with more pictures from the sister clip files, below. All these images were in a plastic pack together.

The handsome man in the tan suit might be Bryan Ferry (my sister and I saw Roxy Music together once), but I’m not sure.

What’s in YOUR clip file?

15 thoughts on “Something like normal

    1. deemallon

      I did a quick google image search and I’m more convinced than before. Not just the facial features but the pose… so cool, so stylish.

  1. Nancy

    Oh Dee! Your sister really had such a good eye for gathering! I would not be able to let this stuff go! The hula hoop pic gave me a laughed. As kids, we had a hula hoop contest in our apt. building courtyard. Legend says that my sister hula hooped for 2 hours straight (with her clothes on of course!)!! As the obedient little sister, I fetched her cut, peeled carrot sticks from the fridge and handed them to her one by one over the moving hoop! I still remember trying to time that! Thanks for the memories and have a great trip!

    1. deemallon

      She had a great eye. That’s for sure. Thanks for the hoopla hoop story. I can just see you leaning in to hand over a carrot stick!

  2. Mo Crow

    is that a peony in the top photo? just looked up 45˚F… that’s 7˚C, you’ll laugh as that’s as cold as it gets here in Sydney in the middle of winter when we have the heater on and wear our thermals!!

  3. Tina

    Your sister definitely had an artistic eye for all things nostalgic and full of possibilities.
    Enjoy your trip and time with your son.

  4. Nanette

    Definitely Bryan Ferry, my daughter had that very pic on her wall! Great clip art. I don’t have a lot of clip art or much of a theme, quirky images that catch my eye, or particular colours…….I think probably similar to your sister’s.

  5. Nanette

    Yeh, he liked that slouchy pose, goodness knows what fantasies my daughter had about him. I can’t hear his music without being transported back to those ghastly teen years!

  6. Liz A

    We had temps in the 40s this past week … had to turn the heat back on … in Texas! … in May!

    I never had the discipline to keep clip files (Don is grateful, I’m sure)

    Wishing you safe and simple travel … Colorado is such a beautiful place …

  7. Michelle Slater

    May your Colorado sojourn be sweet, Down vests might be in order. Those clip files are astoundingly varied. She did have an eye for the moment. It might be genetic because so do you.


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