Walking Finn. One fun fact

A one hour walk with Finn — good for my spirit, good for my back. After three visits to a chiropractor, a first visit to a PT (second on Friday), after marrying my heating pad and throwing generous amounts of Epsom salts into my baths, I am feeling better. Maybe even turned a corner.

Here’s the fun fact, heard on Pod Save America this morning: one in four teenagers have taken part in a climate change action. (Tommy Vietor).

There! Figured something uplifting was in order after last couple of posts.

Also this. Close your eyes. Picture a stalwart, energetic candidate affirming: “I am not afraid.”

That, too, gives me hope.

13 thoughts on “Walking Finn. One fun fact

  1. Nancy

    Glad you are finding relief! I think I’ve married my pain 🙁 It is so good to see Finney-Boy this morning and I always love your neighborhood pics. Today I really liked the looking up – blue sky pic! xo

  2. ravenandsparrow

    i’m so glad you are feeling better. I, too, was buoyed to hear Tommy deliver that statistic, and to see the crowds in New York for Elizabeth Warren. Happy continued dog walking in lovely Newton.

  3. Liz A

    back pain … been there … glad to hear you have found your way to some relief

    and good news here … our progressive Texas house member (elected in 2018 and famous for bringing her newborn to the legislature to nurse) has endorsed Elizabeth Warren … the trolls are already at work attacking her Facebook post, but many more are commenting to the effect of “we know you do your homework and your endorsement is meaningful to us”

    1. deemallon

      Good news is right! Texas is not the bastion of red that it once was. Its change is one of many spots of hope. The Working Families Party has recently endorsed Warren, too. Also one of the great literary political thinkers of our day: Roxane Gay. There is momentum there. I expect more in the days to come and also: deflation with respect to Biden.

  4. Marti

    Glad that you are on the mend Dee and out and about. I think it helps to keep moving as best you can, helps to stay limber, helps the back. What also helps and I’m speaking for myself here, is to be mindful. Too many times, I’ve gone ahead and lifted too much weight, bent incorrectly to weed in the garden, turned quickly without thinking and had a dickens of a time getting back up, straightening up without twinges of pain and soreness…

    Well it has taken three days but finally the “air” has cleared here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico from the stench that came here on Monday. All during the day, life felt off kilter…I will admit that my first impulse was to go and protest but the thought of sharing the same air space made me ill and unashamedly, I am simply too old to find myself engulfed in violence and ugliness as occurred the last time that the EVIL from the White House came to New Mexico. This time things were quiet and nothing got out of hand if you don’t take into the account the whole event! At the same time that this was going on, positive Democratic rallies were held in Albuquerque and in our state capital, Santa Fe, the governor held an event for those down South in Deming and Luna County who had helped migrants.

    I felt the need to stay focused on staying calm although it was hard and also on quiet healing, etc. so I decided to take positive action by making a smudge stick with the intent of taking it around a few blocks of my neighborhood to cleanse and take away negativity. I grow sage rosemary and have a juniper hedge. These promote clearing of negativity, protection, healing and cleansing so they were used in the making of the smudge stick. Unfortunately we have had several rainy days, humidity was high and my smudge stick never dried enough to smoke. Plan B consisted of taking a scrap of paper and writing down these words: Love Unites, Together We Overcome Negativity and Hate. Wrapped the paper around the smudge stick, set fire to it, removed the smudge stick and let the paper burn down to ashes on my rock circle, sending the smoke of these words into the air. When it was nothing but ashes, I placed fresh sprigs of sage, rosemary and juniper.

    Two saving graces to the day: the first was that the event came the day after my 72nd birthday; I simply could not imagine how it would have felt it it had been held on my birthday. The second saving grace: the sky opened up with a torrent of rain during the evening of the 16th, before the rally let out as if to signify that New Mexico would be cleansed from the effects of this negative and ridiculous event….

    1. deemallon

      Hi Marti. Thanks for the piece about being mindful. It does matter a great deal. When I think of it, I try to walk rising up out of the pelvis. Somehow relieves strain.

      It does me great good to know that you held the forces of good while our national disgrace visited your area. The sense of his vile presence, efforts to countermand it, the relief at his leaving together painted a picture powerful and unique. Like nothing else I’ve read — anywhere. Thank you for taking the time to do that.

      And happy belated birthday!! So glad it wasn’t contaminated by him. Hope it was a good one!


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