6 thoughts on “Week in pictures

  1. Michelle Slater

    It’s the hole the Beatles sang of–“I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in and keeps my mind from wandering”-so of course you cut that hole to let the magic in. That film photo…it’s the Cold Case gall-right? I watch it in the middle of night sometimes. Love her. Happy to see Finn smiling (smiling?) Nice layering series too.

    1. deemallon Post author

      The show is “The Closer.” Character is Deputy Chief of the LAPD: Brenda Leigh Johnson. She’s the ace interviewer. Almost always get a confession. I’ve seen the whole series before but am enjoying it again. Funny how reactions change. This time, the hysteria in her personal life bugs me more.

  2. Liz A

    goodness … all those pins and layers and tiny bits of cloth … my fingers are jittering at the thought of stitching it all down as my eyes drink it all in


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