A grey Monday

The first house (below) didn’t belong so I took it off. New house includes cloth that Deb Lacativa gifted me recently.

As a hostess gift, Deb brought threads, too!

I’ve put them in the box that formerly housed my sister’s Aquarian Tarot deck. Noreen left behind some fifteen decks, but this was her favorite, in her possession since the mid-seventies. I love the cards, too, but knew they weren’t mine to use. During Deb’s visit, it just became so clear that they should go home with her.

Deb later informed me that the artist who created the deck, David Palladini, died on March 13. The same day as my sister. (He also went to Pratt Institute — which is where my parents met).

My sister’s glass collection cheered up an otherwise grey day. I can already tell that the season of watching Hallmark Christmas movies won’t be the same without her. We used to play an informal Bingo on the phone. “I got a character named Nick!” Or “I had the magic ornament!” “The kiss during a sleigh ride!” Or, “We need to add: Dancing while making cookies!”

That’s alright. I’ll be watching the impeachment hearings.

Spent more time on the manuscript: combining phrases and cutting out paragraphs and splitting a chapter for better flow. And even, for the first time in ages, doing a little research. Learned more about the Royalls who moved from Antigua around the same time as the Lucases and probably for some of the same reasons (hurricane, drought, an earthquake, and credible evidence of a slave revolt in 1736). All so I could add a line to a conversation between Eliza and her mother.

And so it goes.

Sorry if this is so disjointed. I’m watching Maddow as I type and it’s a dense episode.

12 thoughts on “A grey Monday

  1. Mo Crow

    I loved Palladini’s Aquarian tarot deck, it was my favourite from back in the mid 70’s until Chester Harris gave me the Crow Deck of his Tarot Chesta in 2004

  2. Liz A

    love seeing Deb’s threads in a box … now I’m inspired to liberate mine from their plastic bag …

    and likewise love knowing the tarot deck is now living at Deb’s … tarot has been much on my mind for some reason … have never really gotten into it, but recall being gifted a book and a deck when I was a teenager, lent them to a “friend” and never saw them again …

  3. Tina

    Oh yes the changes in house was much needed .. I would not have known that without the before and after pictures. That box of treads is WonderFull and will add so much to your future projects. Best of all they will bring back lovely memories of your wonderful visit with Deb.

    1. deemallon

      I am getting better at revising a piece to liking. Or giving up on it. And yes, the threads look so nice together and will last and last!


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