Talking to Mom

I was walking Finn the other day and decided to ask my mother for some help. Why not? Whether it’s some synaptic crease of memory or a calling across time, if the advice is good it hardly matters.

I would’ve liked direction on my manuscript, but she zeroed in on cloth instead (no surprise, there) (she was a seamstress extraordinaire, remember?)

“Put all the sewing away except for C’s quilt,” she said.

There are two unfinished quilts for C, actually: a pale green one planned as a queen-sized blanket and a smaller log cabin in saturated blue/greens for the couch. The couch quilt was meant to be a quickie, made well in advance of the larger quilt. Ha!

Since the larger bed quilt’s unfinished state more than occasionally keeps me up at night, I got right to it. And guess what? I felt better immediately.

Before and after below. I’d been pinning on top of bed quilt sections for a couple of seasons.

It’s about focus and intention.

A tidier living room makes for a happy secondary benefit.

15 thoughts on “Talking to Mom

  1. Saskia

    great advice from your mother! isn’t it weird how we all too often manage to put off doing what makes us happy
    tidying up is usually a good idea, in my professional opinion;-)

  2. Tina

    Love all the paperwhites .. also love that you talk to your mom. Both are warm and wonderful .. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Liz A

    I thank my mom every time I get a clear lane entrance onto the interstate … and yeah, she would’ve told me to finish something before starting anything new

  4. ravenandsparrow

    So your mother is still with you, offering excellent advice. That is something to be thankful for. How great to clear the clutter and focus. It does lift one’s mood, once the initial foot-dragging is overcome.

  5. Nancy

    I was just saying how I wish my mama was here. So glad yours showed up for a visit! The dark/light is so interesting and the amount of work you get started/done…Wow! xo


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