Cold, blowers, and gifts

Snow is on the way. A chip of a moon graces the sky. When I was out with Finn earlier, I saw a red tailed hawk floating on the thermal currents like royalty of the sky.

Leaf blowers abound to an obnoxious degree lately, but I am keeping headphones handy, my mouth (mostly) shut.

It was curious to round the corner on walk number two and see a cop with my neighbor and her crew. Did someone report them for having non-compliant blowers? I’ve called on third time offenders a time or two and no police ever showed up.

My neighbor’s yard company is black-owned and operated.

A morning of editing. Tomorrow will be the same — after the crossword puzzles.

Before I go, I have to tell you about a package that came yesterday. Out of the blue. Filled with goodies! Warm socks, “for walks with Finn,” a folded up selection of beautiful fabrics and teeny tiny purses “for the mice!”

Thank you Tina Zaffiro! Thank you thank you.

You can be sure that I will by plying my teeny crochet hook to try and replicate these darling little purses. Can you stand them?

6 thoughts on “Cold, blowers, and gifts

  1. Tina

    The minute I spotted them I couldn’t resist .. they made me think of your little mice right away. So very happy you like them.


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