Let’s count

One backpack full of 12 books delivered to empty neighborhood kiosk.

Three ten hour days spent fixing TV computer. One call to Comcast. Endless searches on internet. Number of consecutive good night’s sleep in absence of TV news? FIVE. Number of heroes in this story? One. My husband.

Six hundred words deleted over three hours, the equivalent of roughly 1 1/2 pages. Number of words still to delete? Don’t ask. Number of times I’ll wring my hands before the second draft’s done? Also — don’t ask.

Number of metal utensils laid out to deter dog-thieving: six. Batches of cookies baked: seven, two of them doubles. One ball of dough left.

Articles of impeachment written: two. Number of articles that COULD HAVE been written (spitballing, here): 25. Still to come: full House vote and one major shit storm in the Senate. Number of years poised at the edge of the abyss: 243.

Number of times I felt dismayed reading black twitter’s critiques of Warren: too many to count.

Seasons of The Kominksy Method watched: 1 1/2 (highly recommend).

Total library fines owed: eek! I don’t know.

Number of times I paused to notice the absence of my sister: at least a dozen. Some moments marked by relief, others by grief.

Number of rallies in support of impeachment planned for tomorrow (the eve of the House vote): more than 600.

Number of times I’ve tipped my head back to admire trees since reading “The Overstory” — too many to count. Number of people to whom I gave copies: three.

Two trips to the PO in the last five days qualifies me as a fucking saint. Three mice mailed, three mini-cloth houses.

Number of meds I forgot to take yesterday: four. Number I did take: two.

Number of days I just let go by without opening my laptop: two.

Eight days till Christmas, five ’til the shortest day of the year.

Here’s wishing all of you lots of love and joy in the days to come.

19 thoughts on “Let’s count

  1. Marti

    Number of times you have posted wonderful, thought provoking entries that stimulate, inform, share, connect and illuminate – a gazillion ! Dee may you and yours, feel the quiet joy of the coming of the light; one of my most favorite contemplative holidays of the year.

    My daughter, son in law and grand kids are coming the day after the Winter Solstice, will stay here in New Mexico for a week. They built a little free library in front of their home in CA and are bringing a bag of books to place in little free libraries here in New Mexico:- in Rio Rancho, in Albuquerque, in Santa Fe and possibly in Taos. They are looking forward to seeing what kind of libraries are created here and what kind of books found. They have a nation wide map of Little Free Libraries.

    Number of anticipated merry and happy outings during their time here, lots!

    1. deemallon

      Thank you, Marti. Readers like you make it all worthwhile. Funny the book thing! It’s cool to make it intra-state. Hope you enjoy all the visiting!

    1. deemallon

      The devil is an omnivore. I’d say he has a sweet tooth but he relishes a good square of paper towel now and then, too!

  2. Tina

    What a great post. The little libraries were started right here in Wisconsin by a young man in memory of his mother who was a school teacher. I love them very much and use them often.
    Again this was a super duper post .. thanks.

    1. deemallon

      I had no idea where these little
      Libraries began. I’m happy to know this. I’ve helped myself to a few books so they started here, so it was nice to put some out for circulation this time.

  3. Nancy

    Dee~ Count Dracula would be proud! Such wonderful things to count, consider and maybe even hide from now and then. I love the LFL’s too…something so down-home, olden days about the whole on your honor thing and then the thrill of the hunt! A co-work came upon a book I had just recommended to her in a LFL 🙂 I can always count on you and your other readers to enlighten & entertain one another. xo on the missing sister part.

    1. deemallon

      There IS a thrill to open one of these homey doors and poke through, possibly finding something of interest!

  4. imperfect dabbler

    I was so tickled to find a mini library on my walking route a few days back. I saw one too that holds canned goods by a local church. Off to find this book and the trees, oh, the trees! 🎄🌳🌲

  5. Liz A

    how counting might inspire making things count … I am heading to my local Texas rep’s district office today to see if there is a local demonstration planned … the thought of driving in to Austin is a tad daunting … I’ll also take the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer … she has already endorsed Elizabeth Warren and will be in a re-election campaign herself

    1. deemallon

      Just type in your zip code. I know what you mean about daunting. We have snow turning to reeling rain so gene tho there’s a protest in Framingham, a western suburb. I’m not sure I’ll go. It’s at 5:30 meaning rush hour too

  6. Saskia van Herwaarden

    loved this post for many reasons, one you share, two you count, three I do too, four you engage your readers, five the mouse, six the dog & cookies, seven the way you observe self…..I could go on, another post I probably will
    must now go walk with the dog XxX


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