Foliage and to do list

Call doc for info re: long term health care; review 90 page manuscript for friend/fellow writer; press selected fabrics for baby quilt commission; read up on Artists for Social Justice 2020 shows INFO (my cousin Ginny Mallon is spearheading); thank you notes.

Oh and create standardized caption for collage posts. Oh and find out how to duplicate a WordPress post for purposes of easy editing.

The writing class I teach was cancelled for this morning and the dog walker Kevin is on for today, so I should have time.

It is COLD today. Not crazy cold but winter cold but since it’s been so mild it feels more so.

9 thoughts on “Foliage and to do list

  1. Virginia Mallon is thrilled to include the work of Dee Mallon! I almost wanted to use the title for your piece for the entire run. I Am An American Citizen speaks so loudly these days.

    Thanks for the shout out here. We could use more fabric artists! Contact me if anyone is interested in joining. We had 2 drops so could conceivably have 2 adds πŸ™‚

  2. Liz A

    ugh … the dreaded to-do list … mine keeps growing and still I haven’t crossed off thank you notes from the holidays …

    And that last image … brilliant how you carved a space within the tree

  3. nancy

    Oh my, that list, cloth, statement, collage work! Just wow! I peeked over at the link…how wonderful to not only be included in an art show, but for it to be a show that really speaks to who you are…I just love that!

  4. Anonymous

    That tree on fire collage is powerfully beautiful. Well, all your work is powerful! I love the bird too, of course. I’m also working down my to do list that feels daunting and is many “small” things… yours is quite exciting!! I’m going to look into Artists for Social Justice – thanks for the link! I am not a fabric artist but I do want to do art for social justice, somehow.

    1. deemallon

      I made that one back in April while in Italy during a writing residency which turned out to also be a collaging residency!


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