Flowers and sweet potatoes

Finn and I made the long loop — Jackson to Langley to Cypress and home. It was cold. Hat, scarf, neck warmer, over-socks, and gloves cold.

I listened to “This American Life” because it’s good and because the campaigns and the corruption of our government are all so overwhelmingly demoralizing right now. It was about a Somalian’s arduous, frightening, uncertain and ultimately successful journey to becoming an American citizen.

Even though the benefits of such a status are no longer clear, how could I not feel grateful?

I get to go home and write, I thought, with gladness instead of dread. I get to make sweet potato fries and rib eye later, I thought, for a special guy who has already brought me flowers. Why, I might even wander over to a posh mall and buy him a gift later, because I CAN.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, I’m giving away this cloth wallet. Leave a comment over there to enter. I’ll pick the winner on Sunday.


PS I made this big enough for an iPhone. Does anyone know if it’s okay to put one’s phone near a little magnet, like the one employed in this clasp?

PPS. I’m sure you’ve spotted the indigo moon? From Jude’s @threadcrumbshop also on Instagram.

PPPS If you haven’t seen or heard Maddow’s February 12 program, you must.

(For some reason the YouTube links incorrectly to other shows?!)

10 thoughts on “Flowers and sweet potatoes

  1. Deborah Lacativa

    Lovely to escape it all and celebrate.
    I had just finished listening to that RM show when I dropped in here. Important high view information, but I’ll tell you why I take heart. The over-riding concern of the current corrupt administration is so self-serving, so ego-driven that even the truly evil puppet masters in the wings don’t have the control they think they do. They are starting to turn on each other like rabid animals and, listening to the applause for Yovanovich there ARE enough decent people in places of power, high and low, who will be inspired by her courage. Beans will get spilled before blood. How much you want to bet Roger Stone has an Epstein in prison, no matter how long or short his stay?

    1. deemallon

      Okay. Thanks, Mo. Years and years ago a friend of mine’s son inadvertently destroyed their computer with his stacking magnets.

  2. Tina

    Lucky Finn that you didn’t let the cold keep you from enjoying a long walk. Your gratitude list has inspired me to write down one of my own. It’s easy to take our Blessings for granted. Thank you!

  3. Nancy

    I love this giveaway Dee! The. Fabric are gorgeous, love the treelike one on the back. No comment over there though, no account for that. Bless you for getting out there with Finney. You’re a great caretaker! I am such a cold weather wimp. We walked in from our usual after work, Friday night grocery shopping and I thought Valentines or not, this is enough…to be home for the weekend together. I am grateful. Xo


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