Tick tock, calendar

Hello! In the thirties here, but at least the sun’s out today.

K spilled coffee at his work station this morning. A near disaster. I slid a stool next to the table for the cup going forward.

I might quilt this little piece into oblivion were it not for the fact that the backing cloth is an old, ornery, tough pillow case. Ugh! Just a little more stitching, then.

Went to phone calendar to see when Easter was, because, well, you know, and found flights to Florence and Rome. DELETE Found Airbnb reservations in Quebec City. DELETE.

Now? It’s Zoom appointments. Yesterday, with our finance guy. TONIGHT, with both boys. Feels necessary. Also? A little bit of a challenge. Because we span three times zones, I’ll have to be coherent at 10 pm.

Yard waste pick up starts next week. I can’t wait! I’ve filled almost all of our barrels, even with some composting in place.

What are you looking forward to?

16 thoughts on “Tick tock, calendar

  1. Liz A

    80s and 90s here in Texas … AC has already kicked in … fortunate that our county has ordered shelter in place for all non-essential activities … be well

  2. Nancy

    Brrrr…that’s cold, even with sun! No one does “home” quite like you! Ugh,old sheeting. I had some super old, super soft pillowcases I really wanted to use years ago, so I tried…ignoring Jude’s advice that it wasn’t wort the agony of trying to stitch through it. I learned. 😜

  3. Marti

    This morning I realized that we have 60 corn tortillas in the frig, 2 packs of 30 so I made tortilla chips at 4:30 am, ate about 1/3 of them with salsa and black beans for breakfast at 5 am so made more. Have to say that I loved the smell of the corn tortillas toasting in the oven.

    I’m looking forward to a round robin story challenge that I set up via email with my grand kids. I got the idea of using a photo to tell a story. I would write a few paragraphs and they each could contribute a few sentences or paragraphs and we would go back and forth until we decided that we had a pretty good story.

    When we lived in Maui, we would take daily walks at different beaches and one of my favorite beaches was near the Maui airport so I chose a photo of some mysterious pieces of metal found at Kanaha Beach Park near the Maui airport. These pieces were hidden in the thick tropical undergrowth. I had no idea what I was looking at but Rich thought they might be parts of an airplane. We learned this from the airport:

    “World War 2 – WWII, brought dramatic changes to Kanaha. the building of the NAS, Naval Air station in Kahului, aka “NASKa”. (Now known as Kahului Airport – OGG). There are also coastal fortifications for artillery, as well as new roads, and recreational; facilities for the troops. Artifacts and evidence of our history are spread throughout the beach and dunes. Unfortunately there seems to have been no effort to preserve these artifacts and many are still undocumented. If you explore the area you will find many interesting and intriguing things”.

    It will be fascinating to me to see how our grand kids, almost 11 yr old twin boy and girl) write about this or even if they can identify the pieces of debris…I did have a moment’s pause to think about crash fatalities but the kids read pretty gruesome stuff these days so I think it will be ok…

    1. deemallon

      I wish gardening was deemed inessential here. I’m listening to my third pack of leaf blowing crews of the day. Ugh

  4. Jen NyBlom

    Hi Dee! (UGH!! I HATE leafblowers) anyway–LOVE to see your work–those comforting Dwellings <3 Life is SO bizarre right now, but somehow, we are adjusting…you seem a little more "centered" (?) I hope so! So hard to maintain equilibrium(right?!); one tends to ricochet between anger, despair, shock, pragmaticism….whew! Happy to see your Autumn Sedum showing life! Spring ! Hope springs eternal….

    1. deemallon

      So much of a day is being distressed about the news. So more centered? I’m don’t know. Maybe. There is something energizing by never running errands and pulling inward a little more.

  5. Joanne

    I am finding the days going by so fast the time between breakfast and 3 pm is amazingly quick. And then after Judy and the pbs news it’s midnight. The first week of staying home seemed endless but not this week. Made pizza. And bought stuff to make cupcake sized lasagnas with win ton wrappers instead of noodles. Fun with food.

    1. deemallon

      I don’t always know what day it is but otherwise there’s enough routine here to feel pretty grounded. Interesting that time’s sped up for you.

  6. Acey

    I planted a flat of various seeds under lights in the basement today so the thing I’m looking forward to the right now is that first summer lunch of sliced tomato and shredded basil on toasted sunflower bread.


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