Quarantine dress code

Just so you know, I wear shoes until around four and then I switch to slippers. Because, structure?

On dog walks, of course, I wouldn’t dream of wearing my black velvet loafers. I wear sneakers. On days like today they get wet in pretty short order, but I still prefer them to my clunky waterproof ankle boots.

I get dressed upon waking. That’s a routine I’ve had for years, in part because I bathe in the afternoon and not first thing like most people. It seems more important than ever to stick to that. Sometimes, I take my bra off after dinner. With some satisfaction, I’ll fling it over my head in the direction of the staircase. That’s a tiny departure from routine.

Finn, in his own manner of sticking to routines, ate through the pocket of K’s good Gortex rain jacket two days ago — prompted only by the residual smell of treats. Damn! Do you know how expensive Gortex is? The only jacket I’ve had made of the stuff used to belong to one of the boys. K ordered a replacement, the SAME DAY, which in case you don’t know, is a big departure for him. No shopping around. Quarantine cutting through the usual structures about spending on self? Maybe. At some point in this mask making process, I’ve decided, I’ll ask for donations. If for nothing else, to cover the cost of thread, which as my fellow stitchers know, is not cheap! Also, depending on my stamina, I may ask people to sponsor masks for nursing homes to the tune of $13 a pop. Five residents in a Newton nursing home died this week at a place that’s been asking for masks.

I may make EIGHT today and still have time for afternoon edits. Starting Netflix series “The Stranger” for entertainment — pretty good, so far. Thankfully K is not like me. I cannot write with background talking or music playing, but he can. Ours is an open floor plan.

DAY 28 of containment. Full moon last night.

26 thoughts on “Quarantine dress code

  1. RainSluice

    Do I really want a dog?
    I’ve made 6 masks so far today – I feel like I’m racing you 🙂 hey… have you also just given me permission to charge $ for masks? I like the idea of a fund to donate to hospitals. “Conflicted” is very my state of mind about everything, except that. Found some grosgrain ribbon (attic box) for ties. I had to look up how to spell grosgrain that’s how long its been since I thought about ribbon. Also got some more elastic – thought the world might be out of it. Some people prefer the elastic ear loops because of fast on-off. ok… I’m going out for a slow jog while the sun is out. Bravo to K 🙂 it is nice to know he breaks down once in while like the rest of us 😉

    1. deemallon Post author

      It’s day by day here with production sewing. Might hit by target of eight today. Might not. When did you start asking about a dog? I actually don’t recommend. They keep you home even when you don’t have to be home.

        1. deemallon Post author

          In another life I didn’t wear one at all. I was a lot thinner and a lot younger. That lasted about five years, much to my parents’ dismay.

  2. Nancy

    I barely get dressed these days, which may pose a problem when I DO return to the world, as I may not fit into anything! Haha And what is this thing of which you speak…bra? What IS that?!! Ha. No moon here last night, pouring rain!

        1. deemallon Post author

          Understand. My brother was lamenting the overcast LA skies and how much he missed the sun, but…

  3. Joanne

    I wear my slippers all day but get dressed to go down to eat breakfast and get the newspaper each morning. Shoes when I get the paper. Shoes also to go do bits of gardening. Tomorrow is the grocery store. I bought a large bottle of mustard last week and believed I had gotten ketchup. Really believed I bought ketchup so first signs of mental fatigue. Read most of a paperback book each day; cook something; look at recipes for things that I can make with what I have like expired dark 85 percent chocolate. They said on internet it was good no matter how old so opened the Trader Joe’s package and it was good so am making brownies. I usually make the boxed mixed so this is big deal stuff. Scratch brownies. I can even make frosting as I have confectioners sugar in the cupboard shocked!! I watched an Italian grandmother make homemade potato gnocchi on u tube. Was so wonderful — like my grandmother but mine had bohemian accent. Now I am going to make some. There baking potatoes one egg one cup flour and she added pecorino cheese. Sounds good.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I hope you get your ketchup! I haven’t heard of the title you’re looking for or I would’ve sent it to you in a heart beat.

  4. Deborah Lacativa

    Remember that floor-length gown I cobbled together from scraps of what you called Provence cotton? I have two and alternate between them most days, but today, real clothing! I had to drive to Joanns for a curbside pickup and another curb thing, lunch from Applebees. Sandals even. I was supposed to park the car somewhere distant and walk. I did not. Tomorrow.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I don’t actually remember. Sounds like a mumu. There’s a term you don’t hear much anymore.

      Joann’s the sewing store?

  5. Marti

    Well my dears, when you get to be my age, bras are worn when company is coming and since that’s not the case now, my bras are”resting” in the drawer. Typical outfit described below:

    Shirt: favorite outfit, one of my long sleeved or short sleeved t-shirts , depending on the weather, topped with one of my husband’s roomy Aloha shirts, he has over two dozen, wears them all year long, even under sweaters in winter. I love ironing his Aloha shirts, get lost in the patterns, think about when we lived in Maui and I wore, sometimes mumus but usually the most outlandish wild colored tropical shorts and t-shirts and long sleeveless dresses, slits on both sides to make it easy to walk, made of varied tropical prints- those were the days…I still have one of my mumus and now and then get the urge to put it on, usually in the summer.

    Slacks: If I’m working in the garden, I wear jeans that are so old they should be donated to the Smithsonian. These particular jeans are 17 years old, I’m not too hard on my clothes. Indoors the slacks I wear usually have elastic waists even though I am a small woman and not too chubby, still I find those elastic slacks hold great comfort.The other day I made my grand kids laugh when I told them that as I went to get the mail, the wind was so fierce that it propelled me along and I looked like a roly poly tumbling weed SO of course, I’m now known as Roly GrandMa. I’m sure, before too long, snail mail will deliver drawings of me as such, my grandkids are great fun and boy am I missing them!

    Shoes: I’m usually bare footed but in colder temps wear socks and backless slippers in the house, otherwise I wear my green Keen suede like clogs, shoes that my grand kids call GrandMa’s elfin shoes. They were with me, 7 yrs ago, when I purchased the shoes. Spencer and Rowena were 4 yrs old at the time, hence the name for my shoes! I actually was going to choose a serviceable pair of brown clogs but the kids knew my favorite color is green so they got all excited when they saw the green shoes- turns out that they are a good conversation starter because I’ve worn them to many festivals and outings and someone usually asks about them.. unique and the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

    1. deemallon Post author

      You paint such a vivid picture with your words that I can truly see you, pressing the Hawaiian shirts, or wearing one, the shirt tails hanging out. Do you have a way to gather up all the tender, funny, wise comments you leave here and there so that they’ll be somewhere (besides in the comments sections) for posterity?

      1. Marti

        Oh Dee I’m glad that my comments bring all that you have mentioned. No I don’t gather them up because they are fleeting responses to the moment; a way of talking with you, as if we were speaking over a fence, or standing outside or being inside, at your table or mine, ,sharing a cup of tea…my comments hold in the moment, then fade into the airwaves…until the next time a spark comes from a blog post that just lends itself so easily to commenting as your blog entries so often do…

  6. Hazel

    Hi, Dee, I’m here, I come and admire, laugh, nod yes, and mostly appreciate, sorry I haven’t been saying. And more gratitude for the mask pattern you shared. oxo

    1. deemallon Post author

      Lots going on for all of us. No worries. I’m enjoying the letter you’re sharing on your blog, BTW, but I have to go back and see the origins.


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