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Sitting down right now at the laptop with a boiled egg, coffee, and commitment that might be described as fierce. Got to get through the next chunk of manuscript where very severe cuts will be required. Hurm hurm (Harley sound effect).

Many other words could be called upon to describe this day, this cold and blustery Earth Day, this Day 42 of Containment, but I must conserve. Besides, I don’t want to make you crazy with all my robe-making changes of mind. So here is a story of the morning in pictures.

PS Acey I haven’t forgotten that I promised you a copy of that picture of Prince!

PPS I’ve gained 15 pounds since making my card stock body model in a class of Jude’s some time ago, but that should only impact boob-sizing and with a loose robe, even that isn’t critical.

Gorgeous print of Harriet Tubman painting by South Carolinian artist Natalie Daise aka @gullahmama on Instagram. Her work is gorgeous and her prices really, really reasonable.

Alright, so I lied. I am busy procrastinating in full-throated style! But before I go, some thanks are in order.

First, I want to thank Nancy for so sweetly gathering up her threads and shipping them to me from California. The package is decontaminating in the garage and right now all I really care about is that she gets well!

Also, thank you Joanne. There is something about the steadiness of her day by day reporting that I find so reassuring right now. It doesn’t hurt that she talks about food even more than I do! Tonight, based on something mentioned there, I’ll be making chili. Thank you Joanne.

Lastly, to all who weighed in on the backyard — thank you. To be continued!

6 thoughts on “Words mostly elsewhere by

  1. Joanne.

    What time should I be there for the chili???? I roasted Brussels sprouts while cutting my husband’s hair. Then ate them off the pan. He was terrified. But after he looked- handed me his credit card. Laughing. could have gone either way………

    1. deemallon

      I’m itching to cut K’s hair. Not sure he’ll let me. It’s silky straight and will show every teeny miscut

  2. Nancy

    I do believe a lot is elsewhere for so many of us. Here we sit tucked into our own worlds. I love your wind, which started me on a half-hearted attempt to figure out what I did wrong with the vide on my blog and how to make the sound play next time. Until then, my wind is swishy and whistles down the corridor:)
    I love little you, with all the measuring marks…hold a certain time and place. And of course, big beautiful blue sky. I miss that. xo

    1. deemallon

      Thank you Nancy. In your honor I recorded another fluttering thing on Finns and my walk this morning.

  3. Ginny

    I love the top you’re working on Dee. What’s is the base material you’re using? The piece reminds me of summer.

    1. deemallon

      The base is linen. The magenta was a blouse that I removed the sleeves from and the other is linen that may have come from Noreen.


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