Ponder switch ponder more

In the room where I write, various robe ideas are being auditioned. The beige linen is too small, I’ve discovered, so even if it is to be a vest, cloth has to be added to the sides. Bah. Makes the lavender linen more appealing after all. Maybe I can in fact find colors to go with it?

Food procurement has been a little nuts this week mostly because of my pea brain. I ended up with three orders in five days. Not what I intended.

Four dozen eggs? Six heads of lettuce? You can tell what I ran out of several weeks back. I feel like a dolt.

I am sick and tired of walking the dog in a light rain with temps in the thirties. Often, the LOW thirties. Seriously shitty weather here for too long. I can hardly talk to son and brother in LA with them complaining about a heat wave.

For our second walk today, the sky cleared a little and temps rose to the fifties.

Much discussion in writing class today and elsewhere about how our habits have changed because of the coronavirus. What’s changed for the better? What of our old life maybe needs to be surrendered? How are we finding the increased quiet, the slower pace (if so lucky to be afforded that?) Read Kristin’s comment from yesterday. More on this from me later.

17 thoughts on “Ponder switch ponder more

  1. Liz A

    Cold and damp … ugh! You’ll never hear me complain about Texas heat!

    And that one little bean, dancin’ … I would add one question: “when did you stop laughing?”

    That’s why I love coming here … to laugh. Four dozen eggs? Really? Ha!!

  2. Michelle Slater

    That last bit is delightful. Your photographs are always interesting and often beautiful. We just had a fifty degree sunny day and I sat on the window sill with bare feet grounded on the fire escape for an hour or more, but there won’t be another till Sunday. Okay I say and return to my internal wandering listening to Glen Gould perform the English suites by Bach. Here’s 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezyd40kJFq0

    1. deemallon Post author

      I love the image of you sitting on the window sill with your bare feet out! It’s 36 this morning !

  3. Nancy

    Hey Finney-boy! I love seeing you and your space. And what on earth is the white circle-bob thingy? Reminds me of something from Rick and Morty! Ha
    I hope to “keep” from this time the desire and drive to get something done and some deeper level of compassion. I hope to loose my restless sleep patterns and I’m okay to stay off tv a bit more. After 12 days in the bedroom, I’ve learned to be without.

    1. deemallon Post author

      It’s a sculpture but I’ve never gone into the person’s yard to see what it’s made of.

      How are you feeling?

  4. Marti

    Look away now Dee because we are heading into a heatwave tomorrow and Friday, well over the 90’s and I am so not a heat person but here I sit in New Mexico! If I had my way, every day would be an autumn day, my favorite season. Most people in New Mexico do not have air conditioning but rely on evaporative cooling aka swamp coolers. Our swamp cooler is a big ole clunky thing that sits up on the roof and every year my husband climbs a long ladder and sets it to working…this year, our young landlord, ever mindful of our increasing age, just came over to set it up for us…while very thoughtful and kind of him, truth be told my 77 yr old husband while appreciative was also a bit miffed since he sees himself, most days, as a strapping 35 yr old!

    As for me, I will continue to live my emotions through dance, continue to read, seek, write and “talk” story, continue to enjoy silence because as an introvert, silence is my companion but what I will not do is sing. My singing would bring out such despair and woe to anyone who heard me for when warbling, I sound like a demented frog with a really bad chest cold!

    1. deemallon Post author

      You are too funny. I liked hearing about swamp coolers. New to me. Kens dad was cleaning out gutters until his late 80’s. Nowadays I make Ken wait to do the chore for when I’m home. In case he slides off the roof! I cannot sing either. Not even a little. I swear in my next life, I want long legs and the voice of an angel.

    1. Joanne

      Oh marti. I am an introvert as well and hope in another life to come back as one who can SING as that would be a delight. Instead I stand and hum. My husband also thinks he can do what he might have at 35. But now asks for help. The little dancing bean was a delight Dee. As were the dog walks even in cold rain I would give all for one more with Riley. Four dozen eggs. …….? I have no ideas past one quiche

      1. deemallon Post author

        I took your idea and made a quick! That was good for five eggs. Lately, in a night when I don’t really feel like making dinner, I’ll hard boil a couple eggs and either devil them or cut them into wedges and add to a salad. They’re very filling and turn a plate of crudités or a salad into a meal. Finn is truly a blessing. It is really really good to share time with him out of doors.

  5. Joanne

    I tried to think of more egg things and daughter came up with ina garden’s cheesecake. I remember that using quite a lot of groceries.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I can eat cookies for days. Not a huge cheesecake fan. I’d have to get cream cheese, too.


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