Day 65, Crosses, and Thomas Cromwell

Digital collages made this week with CROSS motif. Day 65

Reading second Mantel book in Wolf Hall series. Thank you Joanne for the reminder. Hilary Mantel is among my top ten, maybe even top five, writers alive. Colum McCann is another. I’d have to think about who else.

These days TV feels like a slog and sewing does too. So how great to be filling my head with absolutely incredible historic fiction.

These collages have extra impact if you know the sources — kind of how fabric provenance can lend energy to cloth work.

The pentangle you may recognize as the wooden box my sister used to keep her Tarot cards in. The favorite ones. The small hanging quilt was made in Assisi and was photographed there. The punched tin was photographed at the Cathedral of San Rufino, also Assisi. I think you confess your sins through it.

The open doorway is lost to me for now but the cross visible on the lower right and the nearby brick wall are in Charleston, right across from St. Philip’s Church. That structure and some of the graves were there in Eliza Lucas Pinckney’s day.

Going to consult with a friend about her garden. She wants to pay me. I’m a little wary of my commitment reflex right now, especially with us on the verge of a major backyard renovation. I kinda want to do it, though.

Two scenes from Coronavirus Life:

  • Neighbors held a Bat Mitzvah on the front lawn just down the street. When K passed, the girl was reading her Torah portion behind a six foot table — the kind you set up for a yard sale.
  • I cut K’s hair today and did a fine job. Better than adequate. I was nervous because his hair is very fine. Mistakes show. I can’t tell you how many times he’s come home with a botch job from the barber’s. “It’s great,” says K. “You did a really great job!”

8 thoughts on “Day 65, Crosses, and Thomas Cromwell

  1. Joanne

    I cut my husbands hair also and he was impressed. It’s so nice to be able to do something like that for someone you love. Our daughter came today- and carried the tall heavy fig tree out onto the deck. Asked if there was anything else needing moving- and moved and carried those things. She usually doesn’t like to even be asked. So, that was very kind and unexpected from her. She also trimmed the back of my hair. Very unsure of herself. But it feels perfect.

    We might just remember Covid 19 for bring Kindness back into our relationships.

    1. deemallon

      Happy to hear about the offers of help. Also meant to say a while back that I was glad your son liked the masks you made him.

      If we recenter in Kindness that’s a pretty good silver lining.

  2. Tina

    Your collages as always .. fantastic!! For you the memories of time and places much make them sentimental treasures. I am going back to my nanny job on the 27th so I totally get your feelings over meeting with your friend. This back and forth of emotions is hard.
    I love historical fiction ., would you list a few good ones that you have read lately or even a few of your favorites. I also like autobiographical books. Just picked up Born A Sin from the library .. haven’t started it yet but am looking forward to reading it. Although today is a dark rainy day My spirits have been lifted by sun shiny days.

    1. deemallon

      I’m preparing a post featuring recent historic fiction reads. Who do you nanny? What ages?

      1. Tina

        Two boys 2 and 4 only 2 days a week although I just this morning called back letting them know I had reconsidered. Seemed silly to go back to work when I was hardly allowing myself time with my grandkids that only live 20 minutes away. I’ll miss the paychecks but I’m happy having made the decision.


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