Off to the ballet?

Not heading out to the the ballet (who is?), this little arts-enthusiast is off to Connecticut.

I can tell I underpriced her because I’m having trouble letting her go. She’s one of my favorites.

A big gardening day here today. I was supposed to help a friend with her foundation beds earlier, but neither vehicle will start.

Note to self: once charged, be sure to drive each vehicle once a week!

Walking over at the school the other day, two things made me pause. The first was ANOTHER dead bird.

The other was the height of a tree, which I sourced, fund-raised to purchase, and planted back in the day. It was four feet high back then. If you squint you can see the dead robin on the sidewalk where the path turns.

It’s too close to the building. A newbie mistake. Still, it’s lovely.

I thought it was a Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, but now I’m not sure.

16 thoughts on “Off to the ballet?

  1. Joanne

    Dee can you make me a ballerina mouse? And please over price it if you do make one.i will treasure her.

  2. fiberels

    Oh Dee, LOVE the ballerina sitting in the chives !!! (and the hosta)

    Always special (and sad) to see a dead bird : time to carefully observe all the details (not when they fly away as they normally do !)

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you Els. She kinda dressed up any setting she waltzed into.

      I usually bury the dead birds I find but both of these were some distance from the house and I was with the dog.

        1. deemallon Post author

          TWO dead crows? Ick! That does seem a bad omen. I tried to comment over there by the way and it vanished.

  3. Acey

    no dead things here yet save a drowned bee last night in the bird bath. Really love the mix of casual order to the beds punctuated by very well-kept hostas. Also love your birdbath!

  4. Deborah Lacativa

    I thought for a second you might leave the dancer in the garden, you know, decoration?
    These dead birds are freaking me out. If you don’t collect the next dead body (and I’d worry about that) at least send pictures and location to, I don’t know, local bird watchers club?
    I spent fifteen minutes chasing Bailey in circles today trying to get him to drop a bird.

  5. ravenandsparrow

    Sweet mousie, ready for her big debut. Your garden looks ready too….ready for its big leap.

  6. Saskia van Herwaarden

    wow, she is sweet
    there’s a dead song thrush in our back garden, I’ll take him indoors as soon as the insects have gobbled up all the gooey bits (sorry to sensitive souls) I suspect a couple of magpie of marauding the song birds’ nests in our neighbourhood, whenever I spot them in ours I chase them away by gesticulating wildly

    1. deemallon Post author

      Today I found a desiccated mouse in the bottom of a big bin in the basement. It must not have been able to get out. Poor thing.


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