Sunday during the pandemic

Nothing like a walk in the woods to restore the soul — even if there were a lot of other dogs and not all of them on leashes. Almost everyone we saw wore masks.

The vernal pools are drying up, as evidenced by mud.

It was warm enough to work up a sweat and amazingly, even after 40 minutes, my hips didn’t hurt. We walked for at least an hour.

The NYTimes puzzle disappointed today. One of those cross-referencing structures that makes me go cross-eyed and not enough easy fill to help matters.

But what doesn’t disappoint is the pandemic routine of coming downstairs every day to already brewed coffee. It’s so, so great. Every damned day!

I was all set up to enjoy an outside quilting session yesterday when my next door neighbor’s yard crew arrived and knowingly violated the gas leaf blower ban. I was driven inside and also driven temporarily insane. Apparently my neighbor, though I sweetly texted, was powerless?

There’s something about living in a country on the verge of having no rule of law that makes this minor, willful transgression extra maddening. And, BTW, this time of year? They are blowing a few blades of grass off the driveway.

I planted cucumbers. Will they have time to produce? I have no idea. Meanwhile, the chipmunks LOVE to dig wherever I’ve recently planted. I spend half my time outside using my foot to slide dirt back into holes.

While rooting around the basement, I found this quilt top and decided to layer it up since I already had the batting out.

It’s about the slave trade.

Hints: sail shapes, indigo, brown stripes like ship planks, blue for the Atlantic, maps, fish for the sea, and African-inspired black and taupe print.

18 thoughts on “Sunday during the pandemic

  1. snicklefritzin43

    Good to see a walk in the woods and a day with some pleasures. Love the “found” quilt!

    Best always,

  2. Acey

    am absolutely haunted by the middle passage. Also the underwater memorial statue groupings. Now from this post considering for the first time how it would feel to work on these themes with the ballast of tactile comfort that working with cloth always brings.

    really love the first three images. Much like you find calmness in my gardening/self care routines I get a lot of grounding and comfort energy from seeing snippets of Finn’s walks. and smiled over the waiting coffee.

    1. deemallon

      I hadn’t heard of the underwater memorial and just looked it up. Is it the one near Grenada?

      Davide Carozza, “Jason de Caires Taylor, “Vicissitudes”,” Deeps, The Black Atlantic, Duke University,

  3. Nancy

    Love seeing your woods and Finney-boy! It’s funny what a difference location makes…I was going to comment on so much water! We generally don’t see water unless it’s the ocean!
    I thought of you this week as I listened to the neighbor building’s gardeners with their leaf blowers Tuesday, Thuy, Friday…for HOURS! Literally MOST of the day! Talk about annoying!
    Your ‘found’ quilt is amazing. I could get a sense of the meaning, but I like reading your hints to learn more specifically.
    I can only comment on the coffee aspect from the perspective of being treated so nicely, as I don’t drink coffee, but J took such great care when I was sick.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  4. Nanette

    How do you cope with dogs off lead? My Mirrhi would freak out, having strange dogs rushing about……I would too, still fearful after she was attacked and badly mauled a while back, by a dog that was on lead, but it’s owner couldn’t control!
    The last picture of your quilt… have a snippet of Aboriginal fabric there, people gathered, probably to eat, as bush tucker has been gathered….

  5. Joanne

    On our daily walks in our woods when Riley was with us we saw many dogs off leash but all Riley would do is stand and give them a long stare. They backed away. One though did attack and I hit him with the cane I carried. His owner had no control.

    1. deemallon

      I put myself between a couple of them and Finn. Finn would go after them big-time if they got close enough. Do you get The Globe? Their back essay was about someone losing their dog during quarantine. I thought of you — even tho it’s been longer with Riley.

  6. Michelle Slater

    It’s already evening as I write-Good for you-Exercise is what’s helping keep my knees mobile. Glad to hear it’s working for your hips too. Gorgeous quilt. Ah, suburban neighborhood paid landscapers can only do what they must, but sorry you were impeded in your plans. Imagine being in the midst of police and protests (my front yard-Ha) and you might be grateful even for a leaf blower. The 7 o’clock ‘ClapCauseWeCare’ erupted a while ago here…now I’m getting supper and looking forward to the return of “Grandchester” tonight at PBS. Cheers.

    1. deemallon

      I’ve been reading about the noise at your place on FB. I don’t know how you’re standing it. Thanks for the reminder about Grantchester.

  7. Tina

    Glad you’re feeling better .. we certainly are all on a roller coaster ride .. and can’t even scream. They were talking about that on MPR this morning that even though amusement parks are reopening that will be a new thing. No screaming!
    Love your found quilt .. do you remember what prompted you to make it?

    1. deemallon

      So many ups and downs, it’s true. As for the quilt, I was reading about the Middle Passage and thinking too about all the people that made money from the slave trade. Once all the islands were given over to sugar plantations, food had to be imported from places like Rhode Island and Connecticut. Northerners also built
      Hogsheads for molasses and rum, lent money to sugar plantation owners and built ships.


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