11 thoughts on “Using scraps

  1. snicklefritzin43


    Love the process…and can hear Jude’s voice in my head as I watch your process of decision making.

  2. Nancy

    I love this! Always fascinating to see process…but to see it speedy was super fun! Ha. I half expected to hear that cartoonish speedy music we’d sing as kids. Haha
    Da-la-da, da-la-da, da-la da-la da-la da!

  3. Acey

    oh god. That paper storage shelving.

    have not been over to jude’s yet because I’ve been saving her for last thing at night so I can literally sleep on whatever she evokes. I just watched this video of yours devoid of its larger context. LOVE being able to see you work with your scraps and particularly hooked into the immediacy of process through the noise of your shoes against the floor. So in line with what you said about actually listening – imagine how much I might appreciate this once I have done that myself.

    also the trousers of late are very good.


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