A very hot Monday

It was an act of grisly violence by a mistress, followed by coerced reading of Scripture, with heaps of shame — another kind of violence.

I see a blog malaise shared around the cyber sphere. Glad I’m not alone but also afraid of losing touch. Dog days of summer? The penultimate moments of trumps’s reign?

Whatever it is, I’m paying attention.

Thank you everyone for recent comments and support. I may keep posting but be spotty on comments for a while.

8 thoughts on “A very hot Monday

  1. Nancy

    There is a lull for sure. Circling around the blogs, chatting with kindred spirits, and posting something…anything, just to keep going, not loose touch as you mention and continue to learn and grow and express. I’ve noticed comments on my own blog are lower, so perhaps that is why, along with at least on person having trouble getting into my blog. Be well Dee.

    1. deemallon

      I read all your posts Nancy btw but am often on my phone which makes commenting difficult if not impossible.

  2. Acey

    at this point I’m posting mainly for former students of 3 different stripes totaling out to maybe 18 people who read along, observe commentary, etc.

    everyone else who tends to read and isn’t a long time friend comes from this jude seeded community. Most have made their disconnect/disinterest pretty clear. Who knows. maybe I’ll go back to some risk assessment work a beleaguered colleague would probably love me for accepting.

    but talk about dense material. ..

  3. Michelle Slater

    Yes, that flickering light is wonderful. I adore being among those ‘seeded’ by Jude, and your reading material too. Perhaps when/if Winter descends, I will take up reading books again-there are 4 I didn’t finish last year-somehow the end of 2019 and rough slide into 2020 knocked me off that sort of concentration. Hot as hell here, but if Con Edison can hold, I’ll be fine.

  4. Joanne

    The Daily Notes continue — comments on my blog are as rare as hen’s teeth- it was never about that – but I do like the connections I have made by thanking commenters for their comments… From then on they email me. This current political atmosphere is like nothing I can remember. And I was local to the Cleveland Race Riots and the burning down of whole blocks of homes.

    Trump saying he might not accept the election results. Might just remain as President anyway because that is what “the People” want. What other dictators have said those words??? I know he has made statements that he might want a third term and more. If it was Obama saying these things- what do you all think the right would do????? Yes, they would.

  5. ravenandsparrow

    “Blog malaise” is a good term for what I have been noticing in myself and others for a while. Thank you for your continued efforts to stay in the game. I appreciate your presence even as I struggle to maintain mine. The flickering light is beautiful.


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