11:30 today

I took Wednesday’s meds on Tuesday by accident, so I might not know what day it is except for this: NYAG Letitia James is making an “important announcement” today at 11:30.

And speaking of screw ups (ADD, anyone?), I ordered three bunches of bananas instead of three bananas. You’re welcome, Jane!

(To be fair, almost everyone I know who orders groceries online has made a mistake like this at least once).

Views from bedroom window this morning.

PS Bill Barr is preparing to roll a mountain of bullshit on us and I hope that any and all authorities (particularly in New York) who can counter that narrative will be standing up and acting in good faith.

11 thoughts on “11:30 today

  1. Tina

    That’s funny .. we did the same thing with
    Ordering bananas 🥴 also ordering avocados .. wanted 4 and got 4 bags of 4.

    1. deemallon

      See? It happens. I read about someone getting 20 pints of sorbet. That would’ve been a problem.

  2. Michelle Slater

    Averse and actually unable to order anything on line, I am saved from the folly of the marketplace. Can’t comment on any news of the world (James or Barr) because I haven’t watched or listened to any yet. I’ve been busy with the history of Hiroshima. My day began at 6 a.m. and now it’s time for lunch and a nap perhaps. Rain is gathering outside up high.

  3. Cheryl Fillion

    Reminds me of the time I ended up with eighteen zucchini instead of three. Who ever heard of grouping them in bags of six? I was dehydrating zucchini chips for days, but they do make great snacks. Love your view from the bedroom window!

  4. Nancy

    I’m often unsure what day it is these days. I keep telling J that I would fail that test! Lol
    So interesting to see your yard from above. It’s so green and brambly!

  5. Acey

    Agree about having a partner who now works from home messing with the time-space continuum factor. I was wrong about what day of the week it was four out of five days last week. I thought today was Friday as well. Love how beautiful your garden spaces look from above. Miss having that perspective here for the most part …


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