Paper paper paper and wax

It’s here! (That’s printed back-to-back).

Went to see the rheumatologist yesterday. Depressing. They X-rayed my hands. It’s clear I have OA but do I have EOA? Don’t ask. The two meds she recommended aren’t covered by my insurance (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories with fewer side effects than ibuprofen), but she said to take 3,000 mgs of Tylenol a day. WHAT? Seriously. What? I’ve taken 1,000 a few mornings over the past few weeks. That’s a big step up.

The good news: She prescribed more PT (it always helps) and told me about home paraffin wax machines. I’d never heard of these. Wow! Can you imagine — a hot wax treatment for your hands, especially when the weather gets cold again?

There’s acupuncture and CBD oil to sort, too.

All this stuff.

It doesn’t feel like a holiday weekend. And, I’m starting to prepare myself for Thanksgiving and Christmas without the boys.

William Barr is talking as I type and he DISGUSTS ME.

6 thoughts on “Paper paper paper and wax

  1. Acey

    I can barely stand looking at his picture. Was telling J about an hour ago the hemispheres of brain start to separate just reading headlines, hearing any of their voices, reading people express bewilderment that nobody’s ‘doing anything’ about the obvious neurological deterioration etc.

    also the stochastic violence uptick yet again. That’s really getting under my skin given the part of the state where i live.

    Kushner’s my ‘disgusts me’ scapegoat of choice. He’s the one I actively allow myself to deplore given his age and potential longevity.

    1. deemallon

      Trump Kushner and Barr. It’s difficult to rank my contempt and loathing. McConnell too. All this at an age when I’m supposed to be softening, right?

      I tried to comment twice on yesterday’s comment and neither took. But I’m interested to hear about the progress of your writing. How fast it seems to be coming through.

      1. Acey

        I’ve had stuff come through fast before but never anywhere near this cogently. It’s an ongoing challenge to manage. Feel like it’s the metaphorical equivalent of trying to handle/control a fire hose going full blast. Is time to make a chart and block out the scenes that aren’t written yet.

  2. Ginny

    The parafin wax treatment is amazing. It can cure a lot of ills. You can use it on the feet too. The salon I went to pours the wax in a baggie and then puts it on the feet (beats trying to dip the toes). For hands they dunk, put a baggie on them, and then slip on heated glove potholders. Divine!!

    Keep the tv and radio off when dipping. Helps a lot too.

  3. Nancy

    Look at that. just look at that! Your book in waiting! So exciting!
    The green you share is always filling.
    As for your hands, I’m so sorry. J has dealt with this for years.The VA gave him one of those wax machines, short term relief for him and yes, he’s taken 1200mg ibuprofen in the past. But, my cousin, a doctor said he could take up to 3200mg a day! Know how he feels, and how my own hands can hurt…and knowing how you create through type and stitch (he through guitar and other music making)…well, just dang. Aging hurts. Sending warm hand massages.


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