Sunday in pix

Someone likes my heating pad. And no wonder, temps have dropped here. I get to wear my Deb Lacativa scarf for our walk around the lake this morning.

Yesterday: gourd-shopping and mouse revival. Watched Borat II.

I’ve shortened her arms (pipe cleaners cut with wire cutters) and given her an orange scarf (pix coming).

My brother will be transported back to Los Angeles either on Friday or Monday. With California covid19 cases spiking into the 6,000’s, it’ll be a while before we venture West, but it will be so much better for him to be closer to home. The light. And once he gets home: his dogs.

Single digits, folks! Nine days until the election.

10 thoughts on “Sunday in pix

  1. Nancy

    Oh Dee, I am so happy for your brother’s progress. This must ease your mind a bit, even if visiting is hard at this time. To just wear Deb’s gorgeous cloth, what a great idea! Her last batch was out of this world 🙂 And dear Finney Boy, stealing your heat…love his soulful brown eyes. great spider. A neighboring house had a witch on a motorcycle driven into a tree that was pretty funny when we saw it. A strange Halloween this year.

  2. Rose Bosse

    Hello. I’m so pleased to see you back on deck, Dee, with new mojo! Wonderful news regarding your brother, I bet his dogs will be so pleased to see him again. And that spider, whoa! I thought we had monsters here in Aus…but that one is seriously scary! Watching the countdown with all bits crossed. Enjoy your Samhain celebrations.

  3. Tina

    Fantastic news about your brother .. I’m sure he cannot wait and has worked very hard to get back to his natural surroundings. You’ll be with him in spirit everyday I’m sure. Your scarf is absolutely fantastic. Yes soon .. very very soon. I’m scared and excited!!

  4. Hazel

    Deb’s scarf is gorgeous.
    Nice to see some Halloween spirit, it’s missing in our neighborhoods…
    Wishing your brother ease in travels and continued improvement.


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